Hi! Just want to get things off my chest.

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Hi! Just want to get things off my chest.

So remember that guy friend I told you about who wanted me to be in a band with him? Last month, not too long after my second to last post, the group we were in started talking about politics. Honestly, I don't give a shit about politics, but I listened. They started talking about immigrations. One guy blamed them for ruining our country. My "friend" agreed. He started talking about how they should not be be allowed to stay and shit. My parents were immigrants. My mom still is and is currently in the whole immigration court processes. My dad is a citizen (he voted for the first time yesterday :3 I'm so proud). I spoke up and said they aren't the ones to blame. I wasn't going to let anyone talk badly about immigrants. My "friend" turned to me, told me he understood how I felt about immigrants, and explained to me why they are bad. I was fucking hurt. My parents struggled just to stay in this country and to make sure I was going to have a bright future. If they weren't allowed to stay, I would have gone with them. He wouldn't have met me. He wouldn't have met "the love of his life" (I can't believe he said he loved me. We're fucking 15 and I have the mind of a child. There's no way in hell I think about that kind of love). I wanted to cry so badly. If only he knew how immigration court could be a pain in the ass. If only he could have known what it felt to see your mother cry over the fear of losing her case. I don't blame people for not wanting to get papers. Why go through that?

The next day, I went to sit alone in the music room. There was people around me, but not with me. I was alone for about three weeks(?). It sucked. The sad part about this was that my birthday was coming up. My parents took me out of school for lunch so I wouldn't be alone. That made me happy :) Chipotle FTW

He found me after school last week and asked where I have gone. I said I didn't want to get into another argument. He said eh wasn't with that group anymore and that I should join this new group for lunch. I agreed only because I'm a desperate fuck in need of friends ot hang out with at lunch. They're awesome! I met an MCR fan and a BVB fan. I was actually happy that lunch.

Sadly, the next day no one talked to me. He didn't really talk to me. I didn't feel like I was apart of them. It kind of hurt. I can't wait to move. Once I move, I will be int he same school as my best friend. Then I won't be alone.

On a happier note, I'm starting to talk more to people in my classes. Maybe I can be happy at school.