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Update *boom*

How's life for everyone else? Just wanted to put something up since the blogs are kinda dying again :/
I'm currently on summer vacation and have done little to nothing so far, so that's a fantastic job on my part. On Wednesday I did go to NYC to see the show Newsies (which was AMAZING), and I just bought an album off itunes after realizing that I had a bit more on my account than I thought. YAY!!! (Note- I love All Time Low's album Put Up or Shut Up. It's sooooo good)
Am I the only one who'll get an album (digitally) and listen to it about fifty times over? Because I do that a lot :)
This was kinda scrambled (sorry), but I haven't really concentrated on much for the past few weeks and am kind of unable to concentrate on this. Oh well. ^_^

May Death Never Stop You, Killjoys,