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Story Time Addition!

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Miss-Fit's picture
on August 1, 2014 - 8:41am

(This is adding on to the fantastic idea of killjoys-never-die; just so you guys know wuthefudgecake already called Chapter 3! Hope you guys enjoy my contribution!)

*Chapter 2: The Gang's All Here*
The green-jacketed man strode through the door to a smattering of applause from the other two in the room.
"Don't you ever consider doing things LESS dramatically? You know, keep things covert, short stuff?" a bulky, muscled woman drawled from the corner of the dimly lit room, twirling her brown hair with a single finger. "Blowing up a school is a distracting distraction for sure, but robbing a convenience store would have the same effects."
"Oh, calm your ass down," the man rolled his eyes.
"Yeah," the last person in the room, a much more petite woman, spoke up with a bit of a squeak. "It was a big distraction, sure, but it still bought us a lot of time! Besides, the charities will roll in for the kids' education, and there's nothing stopping us from butting in to grab some extra cash!"
The other two blinked at her, staring for a moment. Then the large woman laughed. "You may not talk much, peewee, but I gotta say when you do it's pretty great!"
The man rolled his eyes again, annoyance painted in his expression and the creases within it. "Uh, you're welcome! Now that we're done complaining about me, would anyone care to tell me how the actual operation went?"
Two smirks, one arrogant and the other weak, erupted in the room. The one called "Peewee" slowly pulled up a clean, crisp Manila folder that was stuffed with papers and about twice the width of her arm.
"Don't worry, we got the docs."

Hope this was good :)

May Death Never Stop You, Killjoys,