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Killjoy Thing Ch. 1

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Miss-Fit's picture
on August 8, 2014 - 4:59pm

Hey guys, so this is going to be a bit untraditional as a Killjoy/Danger Days fic. I also write long a lot, so it's fine if you don't want to read it all. But I'd be extremely appreciative if you did, even more so to receive some constructive criticism. Regardless of whether you read it or not, I hope you have a fantastic day!

A haze of false security and joy covered the sky that hung above Battery City, the corporate center housing Better Living Industries. The citizens waltzed through the polished streets, dull smiles plastered onto their similar faces. Similar silver cars buzzed through the streets, all moving at the same pace. Signs scattered across the city flashed with different messages, assuring the public that BLind was the best and only choice. Ads were rolling on large screens for the mew Miracle Tablets, pills that (along with the normal medication every citizen was required to take thrice a day) would help to make everyone just a little more... perfect.
On one of the sidewalks filled with black, white, and gray clothed men and women, a special woman was making her way to work. Special because she was part of only a fraction of people in Battery City to work for the prestigious company that ran the lives of every person living in the city.
Marie Kassem, a woman of twenty years, had began an internship in the primary Mental Security office of BLind when she was still in school. The company had offered her the opportunity (she was in the top 4.6% of all students to ever enter the Battery City School System), and three years later she had a steady and well paying position in the same office. Marie's main job was to focus on technology that would help those living in the city. Technology that would ease their worries and fears, technology that would keep them happy and inside the city limits.
She walked through open automatic doors of the thirty-story tall corporation, reminding the secretary droid to inform those above her that "Miss Kassem is present for the eleven o'clock meeting". Marie grabbed her identification card, clipped it to her white blouse collar, and hoarded into the elevator with the other expressionless people who worked for the betterment of their fine, fine city.
At 10:57 that morning, Marie was called from her duties to attend the conference. She gathered her papers and materials, taking two minutes to get to the appropriate room and one more for preparing her items. When the numbers on the digital clock in the plain white room changed to an exact "11:00" all the women with short, bobbed hair and all the men in gray and white suits were gathered around a glass table.
A crisp knock captured their attentions, the six people in the room turning to the doorway to see the woman in charge of the industry and the city.
"Good morning, Madam Director," six voices greeted in unison.
"Isn't it always?" she responded, voice filled with something other than the monotone all the others used. "You all took you pills this morning, correct?"
She was met with a chorus of "yes"es, causing the ends of her lips to twitch in a smile. "That is fantastic. You are all helping our fair city individually, congratulations. However, we have recently been experiencing some resistance from... outward sources. I hope you're all familiar with those who call themselves 'Killjoys'?"
The six nodded in perfect sync.
"Good. As you should know, these scum hold anarchist views. They believe in the violence and dangerous feelings we here at Better Living Industries have tried so hard to eradicate. Therefore, we must eradicate them. You all agree with this, yes?"
More nods.
"Right, you're all correct. Now, Mr. Kendericks, as Head of the Office of Information, I'll ask you to put in motion a plan to inform all residents of Battery City about these disgusting animals. Teach them how to identify a 'Killjoy' and how to correctly report suspicious and colorful characters. In addition to that Mrs. Mikowska, Mrs. Castro, and Mr. Avri, as the Coordinators of Defense the Industry needs you to triple Draculoid recruits and progress training approximately 3.27 times faster. Mr. Gardener, I'm going to need you to continue the tests for the new serum at a 2.3 times faster pace. We will need to use it in case the worst happens. The five of you are dismissed. I need to talk to Miss Kassem alone."
Marie stayed glued to her seat, the dullness slowly draining from her smile as the five exited.
"What is it that you needed to discuss privately with me, Madam Director?" the young woman asked, eagerness dripping from her words.
"Marie. Frankly, you are the most promising employee I've met in years. The amount you've contributed to your trade is astounding. Not only have you designed a security system that keeps average citizens safe and gives them a secure mind, but your progress with the machines that keep our people smiling is amazing. Despite this, I need to ask more of you."
She nodded fiercely, chocolate hair bouncing. "Anything to protect the city and keep the peace, Madam Director."
"Hmm, 'keep the peace', we'll have to use that phrase... And fantastic, Miss Kassem. I am of course aware that your security system contains many cameras, but I need you to add more. Not just on the fences and edges of the city, but in the city. In civilian housing establishments, businesses and the like. Personal places. We need to invade others' lives in order to exterminate the 'Killjoys'."
"Um, Madam Direct-"
"Excuse me, Marie, but it sounds like you're disagreeing, and therefore disobeying direct orders from a Better Living Industries Executive. You are aware of the consequences that come from deviating from our perfect society, correct?"
Marie's caramel colored skin paled to a sickly looking yellow. "Breaking the rules of Battery City can lead to consequences spanning from a thirty million carbon fine to life in prison, both of which are undesirable for any and all residents."
The Director pulled a lizard smile and patted the nervous woman on the shoulder. "You weren't the top of your class for nothing, Miss Kassem. I trust you'll be done with this necessity by Friday? It's a whopping three days for work, after all, and that should be more than enough for someone of your caliber."
"Of-of course, Madame Director. Anything else you'd like to assign me?"
"I just have one question for you, Marie..."
"Yes Ma'am?"
"How strong are the pills you're currently on?"
"Strength level 6, Ma'am."
"Strongest prescription currently in circulation, hm? May I suggest going to Floor 16 and asking for a higher level? They've been creating a newer, stronger pill. I'll put into the database so that they'll know to give it to you, because I hate to say it, Marie, but you're looking awfully sick. You wouldn't want to get plagued by emotions, would you?"
"No Ma'am, of course not."
"Smart girl."
Thoughts? Thank you so, so much if you read this all!

May Death Never Stop You, Killjoys,