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Hey Guys

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Miss-Fit's picture
on July 7, 2014 - 5:44pm

In response to XxStraightJacketxX's idea:
Word of the Day - palpitation (idk my heart was beating pretty nuts today like whoa dude you ok? but I think it's bc of frnk's new song for the most part haha) (plus it's a cool word)
Song of the Day - "Weighted" by frnkiero and the cellabration, which I made sure to listen to on bbc radio1 and it's so amazing and I love all of frank's new stuff sososososo much :)
Movie of the Week - hmmm... idk I think this is a Hercules (Disney version) kind a week

But with Frank's new music I just wanted to bring up that I am so in love with all the guys' new music and I'm just so happy that they're working on their own projects and making things happen for themselves. So much new and fantastic music is coming from them!

May Death Never Stop You, Killjoys,