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When tragedies strike and you feel helpless the best you can do is spread the word.

Mike Brown, an African American teenager, was shot and killed recently for virtually no reason in Ferguson, Missouri. The cop who shot him is currently on a paid leave. After the killing, people began protesting peacefully in the town against this obvious injustice. Nothing they've done has been remotely violent or hurtful towards authorities. However, the police are unnecessarily assaulting and arresting protestors along with journalists and photographers who are trying to broadcast the situation. Tear gas along with wooden and rubber bullets are being used. People, INNOCENT PEOPLE, are being hurt. This is not right.

Since the media is not spreading this like wildfire (which they most definitely should be), I'm trying to spread it around so that people know what's going on in the USA. Please educate yourselves further as the events unfold, because no one else is going to. Thank you for reading this and please tell those you know xoxo

May Death Never Stop You, Killjoys,