! Now fortified with 8 videos and minerals!

Mikey's picture! Now fortified with 8 videos and minerals!

Without getting too preachy, i would like to celebrate the re-adding of some videos to our site. It's no mystery to anybody, that countless record companies and youtube are caught in a gigantic pissing match. Unfortunately, the fans are the ones that are truly suffering from this ordeal. Like many artists on many labels, our videos were removed from youtube. We were 200 percent against this as..... A) we are huge youtube fans! b) we held two records for most viewed music videos. c) youtube is doing what most televised musical programming no longer does,...and thats play videos. If you look at the top of our site, there is a shiny new link for VIDEOS. simply click on it, and enjoy! We love you guys, expect some mammoth updates very very soon