Woof, I got a dog

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Woof, I got a dog

Yes I've got two actually but that really isn't the point....

So what? I've been out for a bout a year and since Conventional Weapons came out, I decided to come back :P
So today Valentine's Day actually ends up being a Death Anniversary xDD I laugh about now, so can you guys. It was my hamsters' death, but they didn't have a head D: so well :P

Anyways, there is this guy that I really like. We are friends and we talk to each other. He likes pretty much everything I do: books (hunger games is where we met xD), music (punk-rock style stuff) and stuff like that. Well, I accidentally left a song in a book that I lend him. It actually expresses how I feel about him :( what do I do if he read it? Do I make up a lie or what? :P

Please Help? >^.^< nyan