Heaven Help Us

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Heaven Help Us

Grettiungs from the Zone KillJoys!
Question blog today, what is your favourite song(s) off each of the albums and why?

Mine would have to be Early Sunsets Over Monroeville&Demolition Lovers, because they both have amazing music and lyrics. And Early Sunsets Over Monroeville tells a story of not being able to go on without the person you love, in my eyes.
And Demolition Lovers is one of the most beautiful songs, to me, that they wrote in they're earlier music years
Three Cheers:
Probably I'm Not Okay, Helena, and Cemetary Drive. Mostly because these were the first songs I ever heard by My Chemical Romance, and they just kinda stuck with me as my favourites.
Black Parade:
HANDS DOWN, Disenchanted. This was the song that got me through heartbreak, torment, and empty threats of suicide on my behalf. To me, this is kinda the song that just represents my life, never being good enough, getting hurt, and to me that's why it's such an amazing song.
But I also very much enjoy The Sharpest Lives, because it's a more rock-the-fuck-out song, and Cancer, because its another sad emotional song that some people can relate to.
Danger Days:
Destroya, Bulletproof Heart, Na Na Na, Party Poison, and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W. To me these are the best songs on the album, so that's why I like them. And they have great lyrics and sexy music.

And here are a few unrealsed songs that for some reason no one has like ever heard?

The World Is Ugly

Kill All Your Friends

Heaven Help Us

My Way Home Is Through You

AND listen to this one, it was off the watchmen, has a sexy ass video, just go look you'll see
Desolation Row

Sorry this was such a half-assed blog, I'm kind of out of it today, but leave a comment telling me what your favourites are!

Stay Safe KillJoys, Boots Tight, Gun Close, Mask On.