Short Story: Saviors 3RD AND FINALE PART

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Short Story: Saviors 3RD AND FINALE PART

okay sorry guys that it's taken a while. I've been working and stuff all this week so I've only been on to check messages quickly and stuff.
So if you can't remember what happened last time, Alex had just ran off after an argument with Emma cause she eventually tried to get him to talk about all his problems.
So enjoy and comment please! -----This is the last part-----

I pulled my knees to my chest and started to rock back and forth while Alex’s words ran through my head. The cold air suddenly hit me. What have I done? I thought, as the sorrow seeped through my eyes.

Threes day had passed since my misunderstanding with Alex. I was getting worried I hadn’t seen him at school, on the bus or around town. As I returned from school I decided to by pass his house. The door was answered by, who I assume was, his father. “Sorry sir but is your son Alex in”
“Do you know where he is?”
“No.” This ‘conversation’ was killing me, and he went to shut the door in my face, which even for me was pretty rude! I held up my hand to show him that I wasn’t finished yet.
“What?” the man spat.
“Forgive me sir but I need to know where Alex is!” He laughed at my manners.
“Look lass, he’s spent the last three days sulking more than usual. He and I quote is ‘out for some air’. That’s the best I can do for you. Why do you even care so much?”
I looked at him appalled. “He’s your son! Why don’t you?”
“Am I supposed to be proud of him or something? Now I understand why his mother sent him to me. Worthless.” With that, he closed the door.

Running home, filled with more emotions that I thought possible, I was determined to find Alex. My mind was so focused on idea where he might have gone; I forgot to put away my Ipod. My mother started at me. “What’s that?” nodding to my Ipod.
“A carrot,” I said blandly setting down my bag.
“Excuse me?”
“It’s an Ipod, I bought it a while back, it’s my savoir, it plays music and if I hadn’t have bought it I would have gone insane living in this place!”
“Right well we can discuss that later. I have friends over for a game of bridge right now…”
“Bridge.” I repeated.
“Yes, br…”
“The bridge, he’s at the bridge, Aw mum you’re a star!” I ran off skating down the street before anymore questions were asked.

Keeping my balance as best I could, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Or what I should even say if he was there. The bridge was in sight and so was Alex, but something was not quiet right.
In full view I realised he was on a ledge. My face pallid. I knew I couldn’t just stand there. So I cautiously made my way over, “Alex?” He glared but then looked shocked.
“How did you know I was here?” he asked.
“Ah, me and my amazing detective skills.” I faked a laugh but couldn’t hold the act. “Baby what are you doing?” I started crying silently hoping he wouldn’t see.
“Don’t cry,” he uttered. Well that worked, I thought. “I don’t know,” he spoke so quietly he barely spoke at all. “Nothing’s going right. I’m incomplete. I was stu…”
“Wait. Could you explain on this side of the barrier?” Alex looked from me, to the river, then back at me. “Yeah,” he whispered. Placing his right foot on the fence he jumped over. I grabbed hold of him.
“Thank you!” I sobbed. I felt his head nestle into my hair. Over his shoulder I could see a piece of paper trapped by a stone on top of the fence. Feeling a strong urge to keep it, so I quietly put it in my pocket. “Come on Alex, it’s cold, come back to mine and we can sit and talk?” He nodded but stared at the ground. “Look at me?” I asked calmly. He did, I took a deep breath. “I love you; please don’t do anything like this again.” He responded by squeezing my hand and a small “I promise.”

That night Alex talked and I listened. We sat in my room for hours with just with each other. Eventually we fell silent and just lay on my bed with my arms protectively around him. I felt him slowly drifting to sleep, but as quietly as I could just before he was completely asleep, I whispered the lyrics ‘Turn my headphones up real loud, I don’t think I need them now, cause you’ve stopped the noise.’ I saw him smile out the corner of my eye then drift away.
Unlike Alex, I couldn’t sleep that night. Just sleep! I thought to myself, but too much had happened. I suddenly remembered the note from the bridge. I wriggled it out of my pocket and looked at it in the pale moonlight.

It read: ‘I’m sorry, but I needed to do this. I couldn’t cope in this poisonous world anymore. Emma, I’m sorry I acted to way I did. You deserve someone better, someone who will appreciate you more. You tried to help and I pushed you ways. I feel so guilty. I hate myself, this world is a prison. I can’t be myself without getting shot down for it. I just can’t cope.
To my mother and father fuck you! YOU NEVER CARED!’