New Poem. Anyone wanna read it?

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New Poem. Anyone wanna read it?

So this I wrote last night for my friend... Best friend... Narrowing down to only friend and I thought she should know cause there's a slight issue of the Irish sea between me and her so :( I'll have to tell her like this.

Mirror mirror, hear my wish.
Grant me those dreams of bliss.
If only one's to be made tonight.
I'll be sure to wish it right.
Take the reflection I unfortunately see,
Change the image so it's not like me.
Undo the woes, so her soul's white not black.
Give her comfort from further attack.
Alter any bloody red marks like mine,
Prove she's better with a certain sign.
Crack this mirror, brake her walls.
I don't care if I'm who falls.
I need her safe and her smile true.
Her eyes must see another view.
Give her whatever she needs,
So she's no longer the one who bleeds.
I'll part the sea and make angels cry.
I need to help. I have to try.

So yeah... Love ya :)

Also... I have a story I'm working on... It'll only be 2 parts but I just wondered if anyone would ne interested? Any thoughts about this? :/