I need your help again everyone! Please XD

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I need your help again everyone! Please XD

Just give me like 5 mins of your time to read this and tell me HONESTLY what you think. I want to give it to my friend for her birthday cause she's gone through some really tough shit over like 5 years and I want to show her how happy I am she's starting to come out of it and just tell her how amazing she is. Still working on the title but I think I'm done... I'm not sure if it's good enough... Not to give to someone anyway. But I have nothing else :/ So if you do read this thank you so much, and tell me if it's shit or tell me anything you would change honestly I don't care I just need some help. Cheers :) xx

You've seen the worst of this world,
felt the pain and the sorrow,
seen the ignorant and unkind,
but you stuck by and waited for tomorrow.

Struggling to be your true self,
hiding in fear of being abused.
Never do I want you to be scared,
or ever again hurt, broken or bruised.

Can you tell me was it worth it?
Or do you long for another's life?
Go by simple teenage drama?
Or learn from the mistakes of a knife?

I hope you see your beauty,
and know how much you mean to me.
I don't care for your objections;
a never wilting rose is what I see.

Like blood is for a cut,
I will always be there,
to listen, dry your tears
and brighten up your nightmare.