Bye Bye Blog.

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Bye Bye Blog.

I just wrote a lot. Then deleted it all. It's not worth it. I hurt enough people as it is. Why include a load of people that don't even know me?
I do have 1 question though... If anyone's reading, it's probably for the best that you don't I have a bad effect on people, Is it normal to talk to yourself? I don't mean just casual mumblings, I mean I have full on conversations and a 2nd person in my head talking to me and I respond to them... Out loud.
It kinda 'helps' me a bit until I realise what I'm doing... Then I just stop because I don't think I should be. It feels real while I'm just sitting there... It can make me cry or laugh.
I'm strange... Very strange. And lonely. So lonely I need to pretend there's someone there. It's not normal is it? Didn't think so...

I hope I'm a story... If I am sorry for the nightmares you'll get... I don't want this ot any of my life to be real! I don't like it... It sore. Physically and emotionally.

"I don't believe in anything, that's the message in your eyes..."

I'm sorry.