Day 12

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Day 12

So I'm not actually doing this thirty day challenge thing, I just saw this question and wanted to answer it. :] Not that anyone will care about my answer, but still!

Day 12- How did you find out about this site and why did you make one?

I've been visiting since the Revenge days. I remember when it used to have the little player that played Helena, The Ghost of You, I'm Not Okay, and Thank You For the Venom. It was all black and Red and crazy and whatnot. Then, when it was close to time for The Black Parade to come out, the site changed. There wasn't much to it at that point. It was just all the guy's hands with hospital bands and they opened and closed. It was only like that for a while, though. Then there was randomly a bout of It was a site that played the entire TBP CD before it even came out. It was pretty tight. Then the site changed to TBP style. I don't really remember much about the site then. I don't think there was much to it. pretty simple. There's a space of time between about a year or two after TBP came out and about a year ago. I think I stopped visiting the site. Anyway, when I logged back on last year, the site was completely different. Of course most of you know, it was about the same format it's in now. I think I might have actually gotten an email saying to make an account, because I was on the email list before.

Anyway, that's my story. If any of you remember any of these stages of the site, let me know. :]