Don't shop at TESCOS

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Don't shop at TESCOS

Tescos is a great shop right? Wrong.

Recent studies show that Tescos sell beef burgers containing a large amount of horsemeat and pork. I think they need a big rethink, perhaps looking up 'beef' in the dictionary might help.

For many years there have also been issues raised with Worldwide Tesco stores, in China they sell live turtles with everything but their major organs removed, tied up in nets as meat. Yeah okay so the people that buy them are also in the wrong but a major company such as Tescos should not be encouraging the destruction of rare animals such as turtles.

My parents and I have not been into a Tesco store for many years now, since the turtle issue was first published in the Wildlife magazine. I urge you to join me and help prevent this stupidity from continuing, if people stop buying from Tescos, they will lose money and the family businesses, which they continue to destroy, will return once more.

Apologies for my rant, I am a passionate animal lover and conservationist and would hate for anyone to be ignorant of this issue. :)