My Killjoy! (StaticSunshine)

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My Killjoy! (StaticSunshine)

Name: StaticSunshine

Age: 16

Height 5"7

Eyes: Blue

Colours: Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Red and Black.

Clothes: Black and red biker style boots. Black and red knee length stripe socks. Pink pleated mini skirt. Green belt. Yellow tank top. Cropped denin jacket. Black and red striped armwarmer/ fingerless gloves.

Hair colour: Bright purple

Weapons: Ray gun, Tazer, Dagger.

Story: Her real name is Emilee Praill. She was born in the UK, but moved to america when she was 4. She was sent on a mission at 15, after she ran away from home. She was found a year later in the desert, but told the walkers that her mission was classified. She carried on with her mission, but knew that people were looking for her, and knew that she was going to get found again. She has not yet been found

Personality: Trustworthy, Secretive, Colourful, Defensive and can be lairy at times.

(By PoisionusPossesion)