Haven't blogged in a while...

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Haven't blogged in a while...

Hi again everyone! Hope you all had a nice christmas, and good luck for the new year. I guess its time to make some new years resolotions.... Or it would be if I did make new years resolotions. My only aim for the next year is not to die. If im alive, then I will just go with whatever happens.

I have the MCR concert next year, so next year should be the best year of my life! Plus, im going to America for the 4th time, going to Croatia with my friend, to a place in the south of England called cornwall and possible going to Belgium with school somethime in spring. I turn 14 in June, when we are in Croatia.

Next year I will probably get the same hate as i got this year. Who cares? Not me, thats for sure. Im past caring, because when you begin to care, thats when you get hurt.

I got a new guitar this christmas. A Vintage SG. A new amp, a Peavey amp actually which is awesome, and a dock for my ipod, some bright orangey yellow jeans, a studded belt, a Famous Stars and Straps belt, a tee that says "Guitarist" on it, some Pj's, all the sweets I could POSSIBLE eat, things that smell good and also, my highly worshipped copy of Danger Days.

So whats everyone else up too next year? Got any new years resolotions? Any big plans?

If I don't blog again, have a happy new year, rock out to MCR and "Sing like the kids that are mean to you."

Sketch xox

(PS: I go back to school tuesday. What a shame...)