The Sharpest Lives...Part 3 (Please Read)

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The Sharpest Lives...Part 3 (Please Read)

Hey Guys!! You all are sooooo amazing! i have a few announcements. 1) if you have ever read my old story Convicted, there is a special treat in this chapter! 2)I am starting a contest, who can draw the best Dawn? well draw her up and post a blog then sent me the link! a few friends of mine will be judging. But the deadline is next Wednesday! the winner will get whatever chapter where on by then first, and there art will be featured for everyone to see! And last but not least # 3) Anyone have Wattpad?! Yes? well its an app and a website. you can read all kinds of awesome story's people have written. even this one and my story Convicted. So hope you enjoy!! and please comment, i love reading them!!!~~Dreamer

P.O.V. Dawn: I awoke, but wasn’t read to open my eyes. I suddenly came to the realization that there was no longer rain pouring down on me, yet I could still hear the rain. There was no cold, hard pavement beneath me either. Where was I?

I out stretched my hand and felt something soft, something…was I in a bed? I quickly opened my eyes, and was surprised I wasn’t in the hospital. I looked around and saw several bunks, I wasn’t afraid, all though I probably should have been.

I heard a sudden noise of what sounded like voices. I quickly stood, but then noticed I wasn’t in my own clothing. The clothes were baggy because they clearly were not my size. The shirt was an Iron Maiden t-shirt, and the pants were a pair of basketball shorts. I chuckled because they did NOT match.

I quickly and quietly walked towards the huge open doorway where the noise was coming from. Through the door was a huge open kitchen that led into a small living area. It was as if we were in some sort of RV. There were 4 men sitting on the sofa, and 1 on the floor. I quickly knew them as My Chemical Romance! I began to count heads: Thee was Gerard, Frank, Ray, Mikey, and even Bob! I leaned against the doorway, not wanting to interrupted.

“Do you think she’ll ever wake up?” Mikey asked.

“I don’t know, she’s been asleep for hours, if she doesn’t wake soon, were takeing her to the hospital.” Gerard said worried.

“Well, when she does wake up, we need to figure out what happened. Although I don’t think she should go home, we all know what her foster parents would do to her.” Frank reasoned.

“Do you think she ran away? Or was she really trying to-“Mikey was interrupted by Gerard.

“Don’t say it, we all know she wouldn’t do that.”

“You never know man, we only met her once.” Ray said.

“Yeah but…she wouldn’t, I wont believe it!”

I smiled at his faith in me. I cleared my throat and they all quickly turned their heads.

“Morning Sleepy Head!” Frank greeted me.

I smiled, Gee motioned for me to sit in the small chair next to the sofa. I scrabbled over there and sat. I had so many things to ask, but yet I was so afraid. Its not because of them, THEY didn’t scare me, it was just that practically saved my life. So in truth it was there status that scared me, what would such well respect young gentlemen would be doing even just looking at a small, normal, girl like me? Well, the world may never know.

“So I bet you have loads of things to ask. We’ll answer all your questions.” Ray said with a greeting smile.

“Okay…umm how the hell did I get here?” I said. I was a bit nervous to be honest. But who wouldn’t be!

“Well, we had a late start on our tour. We had to cancel a few shows because of a huge storm in Maine. So when we finally left, we were just driving along when the bus stopped and the driver came back and told us there was a girl lying on the side of the road. We all ran out and found you. You were soaked and shivering and just lying there. We weren’t sure if you were even all totally alive. But we put you on the bus and changed your clothes. We figured you were breathing so we put you in my bed and let you rest. You’ve been asleep for about…..9 hours now.” Gerard said.

My mouth was hanging open like a fly trap, I couldn’t believe it! Outta all people My Chemcial Romance were the ones to stop and save my life.

“Wow…thank you…so much!!!” I said, I was trying real hard not to cry.

“You look so shocked, are you okay?” Mikey asked.

“Oh I’m fine. It’s just…I never…I-I never dreamed that….”

“Oh I get it, you never thought that your heroes would save you for real!” Frank said. We all turned and looked at him, shocked that he said something that was right and sensible for once.

“Whaaaaaaaaat?! I’m not all brain dead! There Is a little something up there!” He complained.

I laughed. It was a real laugh and it felt great. i wasn’t sure how long I was laughing, I never wanted to stop. You gotta live Frankie! When I was finally able to control myself, I saw the guys (especially Gee) beaming at me. They were so proud.

There was knocking at the door. Somewhere in all the madness of finding out what happened to me, we stopped at our first destination.

Frankie rose and skipped, yes skipped, to the door. He allowed whoever it was inside. As they interred the living area I wanted to fall over from a heart attack. Billie Joe Armstrong walked into the same room as me!!!!

Soon after the guys all moved into the kitchen, I stayed right where I was. I didn’t want to be too much trouble. A few minutes went by, and Gee dragged Billie over in my direction.

“Billie I would like you to meet Dawn, she was the girl who I hit with my car.” He said, looking a little guilty. I laughed, I could not believe he just said that! I shook hands with Billie and rose to my feet.

“So you’re the girl…” he said smirking. “Gerard, why is she wearing your clothes?” he asked.

“Aw man really! You had to go THERE!!!!” he yelled.

We all began cracking up. As we were laughing, I felt something inside me that I had never felt before. I felt…as if…I belonged here. THIS is what people called home. Sure we were not related, and I just met them, but I some knew no matter what I did, they would always accept me.

“Okay, well we would give you your clothes back, buuuuuutttttt they were all torn up and gross so Frank through them away.” Ray said. This news saddened me alittle, I wasn’t some materialistic beach, but I did love that outfit.

I made a sad pouty face and looked at the ground. I pretended to cry and say, “Why Frankie Why!”

Everyone laughed, and Frankie grabbed my arm. “Come on, now I feel bad. You can where something of mine that may fit you better so we can go shopping!” he said.

We walked back to the bunk area, and as we passed Gerard’s bunk, something fell from under the mattress. I picked it up, and looked at it. It was a picture, of a girl. young girl, she was pretty, really pretty. Her black hair was beautiful, her smile was beaming, and her bright ice blue eyes stood out brilliantly thanks to the black eyeliner. She wore a Black Flag t-shirt and jeans and converse. Next to here was a black car of some sort, but It was cut out of the photo.

I wanted to ask who it was, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to be snoopy. I put the picture on Gerard’s bunk. Then Frank said, “That was Gerard’s ex-girlfriend Janelle. He really loved her, but she died when their apartment building caught on fire while we were on tour. He was really crushed, went into deep depression, and the band almost broke up. Then one day he was out of it.”

“That’s so sad. When did this happened?”

“About four years ago.”

“That poor man.”

“I know. Come on, lets go get you better clothes.”

I followed Frank to his bunk. he handed me a red shirt and a pair of jeans. I changed in the bathroom. Not able to take my mind off of what Frank just told me. When I was done o out on my shoes and sat in the living area, where I was before.

“You ready, Slow Poke?” Gerard asked.

“Yea, I’m ready. But I don’t see the point. I don’t have any money.”

“We know, silly. But we have money.”

“No, you don’t have to.”

“But we want to. Really, its fine. You need something to where. So come on, lets go. “

“Thank you, Gerard.

“Your welcome, now…”

“I’m coming!” I laughed. We walked out the door and were off. Against my will of course.