The Sharpest Lives...Part 2 (Please Read)

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The Sharpest Lives...Part 2 (Please Read)

P.O.V. Dawn; I suddenly lost all body function. I forgot how to breath, how to blink, how even make a sound. I was trying not to go all fan-girl and freak out, and to be honest, I didn’t care of they hit me with their car! The nurse made a motion for them to inter as she left. The stepped in, Gerard and Frank at my left and Mikey and Ray to my right. Suddenly I was glad we moved to New Jersey.

“Umm, I don’t know how to say this, but I’m sorry I hit you with my car.” Gerard said awkwardly. I wonder how awkward it really was apologizing to someone you hit with your car. It took me a few moments to realize they were waiting for my reply.

“Oh, umm, i-its okay. I’m alive, so that’s all that madders.” I found my voice in all the madness. Be cool, I told myself, be an ice burg. Find your inner glacier!

“If these to goofballs weren’t messing around, we may not have hit you!” Mikey said glaring at Frank and Ray. I laughed, I couldn’t help it.

“What! Ray stole my stuffed dog!” Frank protested.

“Well I wouldn’t have if you weren’t shoving it in my face and making it pretend to pee on me!” Ray replied.

They continued to argue, until someone said: “Guys! Now isn’t the time. Cant you see we put this young beautiful girl in the hospital! Clearly you two need to straighten up!” I was surprised it was Gerard, I had expected Mikey. I blushed realizing Gerard called me Beautiful.

“How did you get so beat up?” Gee asked. Almost as though lightning had struck, anger rushed through me, and I wanted to rip my foster parents heads off.

Then, I did what I vowed never to do. I told them everything. I started with the fact that I was a foster child. I told them what really happened to my parents, and what my accident was. I told them all about my foster paretns and how they beat me to an inch of my life. Then I told them why I was in the road that night. All in all, when I was finished, they all looked pretty shocked.

“Wow, that’s quite a story, I’m so sorry.” Gerard said.

“You don’t have to be, clearly I wasn’t meant to be happy. Plus I don’t like people feeling sorry for me.”

“I see. Well, -“ Gee was cut off by his phone ringing. He mumbled in the phone for a few minutes, while the rest of us talked about random things. Finally, Gee shut his phone with a soft click.

“Guys, we have to go. Brian wants us to pack up for the tour.” He looked at me, he had an apology written all over his face, his amazing green eyes were sad.

“Go, I’ll be fine.” I said, patting myself on the back for not stuttering.

“I’m so sorry we have to leave. And I’m sorry I hit you with my car because of these two goofballs.” He said, motioning towards Frank and Ray. I laughed and one by one I gave each of my hero’s a hug, starting with Ray and ending with Gee. I did my best not to cry, I really hated goodbyes, but yet nothing lasts forever.

When they were finally gone, the doctor came in and checked all my wounds. He said I was totally fine and was leaving as soon as my foster parents got here. Great…I’m so happy.

(few days later)

My Chem was gone, most of my collage work was finished, and now I’m sitting on my bed, in my PJ’s watching Criminal Minds re-runs and eating junk food. I was all cozy and comfy in my blankets. I could hardly believe I was home. Annabel and Joseph were gone on a Missionary meeting. They should be…I heard the sound of a car door shut. They’re home, happiness = ruined.
I pressed pause on the DVR and walked to my closet. I changed in Superman t-shirt, purple skinny jeans, converse, and rainbow belt, and shuffled down the stairs,(I was already wearing eyeliner) into the living room. my foster parents came through the door, and put there suit cases (that I had packed before they left) in their room. they came back in and my foster father approached me, his put his strong hands on my shoulder shoving me into the wall. Are faces were nose to nose.

“Don’t you EVER run away like that again young lady! You hear me! How dare you speak ill of your parents like that! Yes, the nurse told us what you said. Every last word. We are your parents and you WILL respect us!” he growled. He pulled me forward and shoved me into the wall again. it hurt but I ignored it.

“NO! you are NOT MY PARENTS. You never were and you never will be! My parents are…” I stopped, I knew I couldn’t say it. It hurt to much to ever come to the realization of what my real parents were.

“What Dawn, are your real parents dead? Is that what you were going to say? Yes, yes you are right. They are dead! Dead, dead, dead, dead! They are never going to come back to you. WE have raised you since you were young. WE have taught you what you know. But it was never enough for you. You ungrateful little tramp!” my foster mother yelled.
Finally I had had enough. I broke away from my foster father, not sure how, but

I don’t care. I ran towards the door. My bag from the night I was hit was right there beside it. As I dove for it I was tripped. I fell to my face, I hit my nose so hard it began to bleed.

I got up and was going for my bag again when I was struck in the back of the head. I curled up into a ball as my foster father kicked me in the stomach and back. I finally grabbed his foot , making him fall backward and break though the glass table. As my foster mother tended to his aid, I ran. I grabbed my bag and kept running.

I didn’t know where I was, how long I had been running, or any idea where I was going, it was pouring rain and I had no jacket.. All I knew was I had to get away, and I was never going back. After, what I supposed was hours, of continues running. I began feeling weak. My body began to get heavy, and then everything went black.