The Sharpest Lives...Chapter 8

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The Sharpest Lives...Chapter 8

P.O.V Dawn- Bandit and I both screamed in result of the scary movie. We heard a thud from upstairs and then someone run down the stairs.

“What! Who is it! Are you guys okay!” a very worried Gerard came in. he had a wet head and a pencil behind his ear. He must have been writing. Bandit paused the movie, and looked at her father. We exchanged glances and then busted out laughing.

There was a knock on the door, and Gerard answered it. Then came in a very wide eyed and freaked out Frank. When he seen me he sighed, and hugged me. I sneezed because I was allergic to dogs.

“Guys we have a huge problem. “ he said, sitting down and opening Bandit’s laptop that was on the coffee table.

“What’s going on Frank, you look freaked.” Bandit said, yawning.

“It’s everywhere. This new company out calling itself Better Living Industries has this new pill that is like, suppose to make you feel totally healthy or whatever. Okay I don’t really know, but haven’t you noticed how weird Mikey has been acting? I found the pill bottle under his pillow. Something is up guys.” he finished in a rush.

“Well, I’ll call Mikey, and him and I will have a talk. Were off tour for a little while.” Gerard said, trying to stay completely calm. I knew that on the inside he was freaking out.

“oh and I heard about what happened with Brain. Turns out he’s been taking the pill too.” Frank said, looking me directly.

“Well, we have to do something, I mean, we cant stay in L.A. obviously. Let’s go to Jersey.” Bandit said. Popping a piece of chocolate in her mouth.

“I am not taking you to New Jersey.” Gerard said firmly.

“Why not?!” Bandit complained.

“Because Bandit, its dangerous there. I’ve been held at gunpoint, I don’t even know what I would do if that happened to you. We need to go somewhere safer, somewhere no one would look.” He said seriously.

“So what, were just going to disappear!? We cant do that! They’ll hunt us down like animals!” Bandit worried.

“No, where not going anywhere. Were going to wait and see how this goes. If it doesn’t blow over in about a week or so, then we need to get out of the city. Pack up Mikey, and Ray, and Billie and leave. Deal?” Frank said.

“Deal,” Gerard, Bandit, and I said in unison.

Frank closed Bandit’s computer, and he and Gerard went into the kitchen to plan everything out if we do have to leave. I only wondered where we would go. I looked at Bandit, she looked equally freaked. I licked my lips and yawned.

“Oh Geezz, its midnight. I should get to bed. Want me to show you to your room?” she offered.

“That’d be great!” I laughed. I could already tell me and her were going to be great friends! Yay!

After Bandit showed me to my room, I got settled and looked around. Gerard had went out and (Against my protest) had bought me all kinds of posters, and comics. Replacing all the ones I had left behind. I was so grateful, but I felt bad, like I was a burden. I didn’t want to be, but I had no where else to go!
I laid down in my new bed, and sighed. I closed my eyes and then I heard a loud crack of thunder. Lets just say I slept better that night than I had in years. I always sleep better in thunderstroms.

I awoke the next morning to Gerard yelling at Bandit to hurry before she’s late for school. Yet, I refused to open my eyes, hopefully to fall back asleep. There was a knock on my door, but when I didn’t answer they opened it anyway. I forced my eyes open and Bandit was there.

“Did I wake you?” she asked.

“No, your loud mouth daddy did.” I complained.

“Oh, okay. well I just wanted to say goodbye, I’m off to school.” she said.
I smiled, she was such a sweetie.

“Goodbye Bandit. Have fun!” I cooed.

She smiled and left, the in her place stood Gerard. He up and ready to begin his day, unlike me.

“Hey, after I take Bandit to school, I’m going to head out for some errands. Are you going to be okay bye yourself?” he asked.

“Yea, I’ll be fine.” I mumbled into my best friend Mr. Pillow.

“Okay, well, there is plenty in the kitchen so help yourself.” He said, smiling.

“Okay, have a nice day.” I said. He nodded and shut the door. I heard the front door shut, and then moments later the car start. When the hum of it driving down the road was faded I quickly fell back asleep.

I awoke again, this time on my own. Looking at my clock, it was 10:28am. I sighed and decided to rise from bed. I went into the bathroom to shower, and begin my morning routine.

When I was finished, I went down stairs and into the living room, on the coffee table there was a small box wrapped up with a bow on top. Next to it was a note, and a card.

They all had my name on them.

I sighed and picked up the note. It read:

Dearest Dawn,
I know that you don’t like your birthday, considering you’ve told me loads of times before. But I think you should, your amazing. Really. I speak the truth. Well, this is just a little something to start off your day with a smile. See you in a bit.
Gerard X

I smiled. I never told any of them my birthday, but I’m sure it was printed all over the foster records. I suddenly missed my parents. I squeezed my eye shut. I will NOT cry! I mentally told myself. Tears mean weakness, and I cannot show weakness!

I shook it all off and forced a smile. I picked up that card and read it. I was really cheese, and I knew instantly it was Gerard who pick it out. I laughed and found another note under that card.

This note read:

Ello, Love! Man, I want to be British!! Haha anyhoo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHTDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DAWN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!! Love you!!! Your seriously the best friend a girl could make in one day! I felt like we have known each other forever, and I hope we will. Anyway, have a great day!

My forced smiled, suddenly turned real. I loved this girl. Under her note was a hand made card. Bandit had drew it, and let me tell you, that girl has talent. Of course look who her parents are! Lin-z Way and Gerard Way. Of course she’s talented.

I suddenly remembered that Bandit could really understand what it was like to not have a parents. After all her mother was killed. What kind of sick and twisted person would kill an amazing women like Lin-z the world may never know.

I shoved all thoughts aside and tried not to think. I picked up the box, and slowly tore the paper off, I un-attached the bow, making a mental not to stick it to Frank’s nose later, and finished tearing the paper. I opened the plain brown box, and gasped, also making another mental note to kick Gerard for spending more money on me.

They got me an iPhone 4s.

Now I know what your thinking, ‘oh big deal my whole family has an iPhone 5!’ but you must understand and put yourself in my shoes. I have never had much of anything, especially this extravagant. I wouldn’t even dream of it. But the people I am staying with are simply amazing.

As I turned it on, I found that Gerard had put in some numbers and already
activated it. As I flipped through my list I came to find these names:
Billie Joe Armstrong,

Wow, I don’t have very many contacts, oh well. I’m sure I’ll make friends. As I played with my new phone, there was a knock at the door. I shoved my phone into the pocket of my Nike sweatpants, and went to answer it. It was Mikey.

When he seen me, he smiled, he looked rather healthier than he had, and was wearing a Die Hard t-shirt that I was sure he stole from Frank.

“Hello, Mikey.” I said pleasantly.

“Hello Mrs. Birthday Girl.” He said.

“You know too huh?” I asked, chuckling.

“Yea, and I have a surprise for you!” he said, almost yelling. Then my phone went off, I looked at the Caller I.D and found it was Gerard. I thought I heard Mikey mumble something like ‘right on time’ but I couldn’t be sure. I answered the phone.

“Ello,” I said in my best British accent.

“Dawn?” he stated in question form.

“Umm, no sorry there is no- yes Gee how are you!” I said beginning like a Brit and ending in my normal voice.

“Well, I need you to get down to that old club, you know the one that is renting?” he asked.

“Yea, but how am I to get there, you have the only car.”

“Is Mikey there?”

“Yea, he’s here.”

“Good, he’s going to take you to a few places and then bring you here.”

“Okay, sounds good.” I said, still totally clueless.

I hung up and Mikey grabbed my arm. “Can you drive?” he asked.

“Yes, I’ve just never…oh Mikey no!” I said as I seen a brand new black Monte Carlo SS sitting in the driveway.

“Happy Birthday!” he said hugging me. “Well, come on! Quick test drive before

I have to take the wheel!” he said and I climbed in the driver seat. My dream car was everything I wanted it to be.

When we finished the test run, Mikey took the wheel and we went to some store. As we walked in, it was totally empty, but a few of the workers were standing about mid store, a huge Runway was behind them.

“Hello!” One of the blonde said. “You must be Dawn! You’re quite lovely!”

“Why thanks, but what..”

“No time for questions, come dear, lets get you all dolled up!” she said and tok my hand. She led me backstage of the runway, and I tried on many dresses. From pinks, blues, greens, reds, and every color in between. Then they decided for me to go look through the store, see of anything gets my eye.
I looked about, not finding much, until I found THE dress. I knew it was perfect.

“I found it!!” I yelled and some girls came over to see.

“That’s perfect! Why did we think of it!” said the blondie that had greeted me.

The Perfect Dress was purple, and about medium length. It was black and white lining around the neck and was almost drapish along the body and skirt.

The aids rushed me back to the runway to try it on. I walked out like a model, altho I was sort of barefoot, to show Mikey and a few other workers.

“What do you think?” I asked him. “And I wasn’t honesty.” I didn’t wasn’t hime to lie just because I’m a girl.

His eyes were wide and I was afraid he didn’t like it. I held my breath and waited his response.

“I-It’s amazing, you look beautiful, honestly.” He said, finding his voice.

“Thanks.” Was all I could get out before I was rushed back. They put my feet in a pair of purple high heels. That was a problem.

“Umm, I cant walk in those.” I said nervously.

“You can’t?” they asked.

“No, but also, could I wear…sneaker?” I asked.


They found there last pair of purple converse and I beamed, those are my favorite shoes! They through my dark hair up into a messy ponytail and began my makeup. I hated wearing anything but eyeliner and it bugged me, but I’ll suck it up.

They did it naturally with a small amount of purple eye shadow. When they were done, I stood back in the mirror. What I saw was breathe talking. Where I stood, in my place was a very beautiful girl. Was that me?

One of the girls brought me out and Mikey looked me up and down.

“Wow. Dawn. You look…amazing.” He said.

“Thanks, I also look nothing like myself yet I do…strange.” I said laughing.

“well lets go get to this mystery place.” Mikey said with a smile. We arrived, and walked inside. What I saw, REALLY took my breathe away. I couldn’t believe it!