The Sharpest Lives...Chapter 5 (Please Read)

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The Sharpest Lives...Chapter 5 (Please Read)

(Weeks later)
I felt better than ever, I had a bad case of the Flu, now I was living on the Angels on a high. The tour had ended and we were just entering the L.A city limits. We were all sat in the living room. I was scrolling down on my HP laptop, that Gerard bought me for Christmas. Gerard sat next to me and closed my computer.

“Hey!” I protested.

“We need to talk.” He said, although we had a huge smile on his face.

“Yea sure, what’s up?” I said.

“well, now that the tour is over, we need to decide where you will be staying.” He said.

About a month ago, my parents reported me missing. Surprised as much as the guys, Gerard called and told them where they found me. Eger to me back to torcher, Gerard quickly called the Foster Care System Bureau, and told them about how unfit my foster parents are. They came and spoke to me, and found the bruising and such. good of my accidental butt button pushing, I had recorded our last argument, and showed it to them. We were now awaiting them to contact us to see if they were going to allow Gerard, or one of the guys to take me in.

“So you got the call! One of you can take me in!” I said jumping up and down like a nut case.”

“Yea, we can, now will you sit down!” he said laughing. “We need to decide who your going to stay with.”

“Oh, well, I never thought about it.” I said, plopping back on the couch.

“Well, its up to you.”

“If its not a problem, could..i live with you? I mean, Frank had his dogs, Mikey has Alicia, Ray has Christina, your all lonely.” I said, a bit embarrassed.
He chuckled, probably thinking I’m a moron.

“Sure, sure. Its no problem.”

I hugged him and the driver came back and said we had arrived at the studio. All the guys cars were parked here and we grabbed our suit cases and walked off the bus. There manager Brian, met us at the door, he didn’t look happy.

“Hey Gerard, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, I’ll see you all later, go home and rest.” Gee said as we walked inside.

Frank, Mikey, and Ray all climbed in there cars and went home. I waved goodbye and walked into the lobby. The studio was HUGE, tiny on the outside, HUGE on the inside. Again LAME humor.

I heard voices, and followed the sound. I came to upon a door, that was cracked open just a bit. I stopped and listened.

“Look Gerard, I know you really care, but taking in a girl off the streets!? What where you thinking!”

“Brian, you don’t understand. Of course I care, I hit this girl with my car! And when I found out her living situation, I felt like I t was My job to help her. She needs a-“

I heard Gerard and Brian. This must be the ‘talk’ Gee and Brian HAD to have. I felt bad, he was only getting into trouble because of ME. Maybe it was a mistake staying here.

I decided that I should give them privacy. I walked back into the lobby, and sat down. I began to read my book, and don’t even know how much time had passed. I heard the little bell of the opening front door ring, and I looked up.

Who I saw made me drop my book, forze and couldn’t yell for Gerard.
It was my…foster parents.

“There you are! We have been looking for you everywhere! What are you doing here, where have you been are you alright!!” my ex-foster mother gushed.

“i-I’m fine! Don’t touch me, get away! I hate you, I hate you! Why are you here!?!” I shouted

“Why are we here? Sweety we have been looking EVERYWHERE!!”

“Stay away! I don’t belong to you anymore! I’m not yours!” I screamed.

Gerard came flying around the corner; I ran to him and hugged him. I felt tears spill over. They couldn’t take me away!

“Sir, we understand that you have taken her in. but please understand that she is…well… a little off her rocker. She suffered a head injury when she was young and she has these well delirious periods if she doesn’t take her medication.” My foster father said. He dressed in his prest uniform for effect.

I looked up at Gerard. He looked like he wasn’t letting go anywhere.
My mother walked closer, she put her hands on Gerard’s shoulders. I moved, taking several huge steps away.

“Dear, our daughter is very ill. She doesn’t know what she is doing, or have the time what she’s talking about. Her real parents use to beat her, and when they were killed she sort of lost it. Please, all we ask is to have our daughter back.” She asked sweetly.

“That’s a lie! That’s a fucking lie! You ignorant women! You do NOT speak bad about my real parents! They were wonderful people! You know nothing! So go away, go away and leave me alone! I want NOTHING to do with you! “ I yelled.

I was furious, sure I haven’t known my real parents long, but long enough to know they NEVER laid a hand on me.

“I think it’s a great idea.” We heard a voice come from behind Gerard. As they stepped around, we seen it was…

It was….Brian!