The Sharpest Lives...Chapter 4

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The Sharpest Lives...Chapter 4

Heyy guys! Wednesday is coming fast, and i have received only ONE contest entire!!! Come on guys! ~Dreamer
P.O.V Dawn- When we finished at the mall (Which was quite an adventure) we went back to the bud. The guys were carring all my bags because Gerard wouldn’t let me lift a think. Apparently I was ‘in too weak of a condition.’ Okaaaay Mr. Know-It-All you carry the bags.

I smiled at my lame sarcasm, I wish I was funnier but, oh well.

“No Mikey, I’m telling you Darth Vader was not married to Queen Amidala!!” Frank shouted for the world to hear. Mikey and him have been arguing over Star Wars for the last half hour.

“BOYS!! We all know that before Darth Vader, became Darth Vader, he was Anakin. Anakin was with Queen Amidala and they had Luke and Laya! Then he turned evil!!!!” I ranted. They all looked at me kinda funny.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaat?” I whined, why where they staring! So what of imam girl!

“But…I have never met a girl who likes Star Wars! Gee can we keeper!” Mikey said, getting on his knees, in front of Gee, giving him the puppy face. We all laughed.

“We’ll see Mikey,”

We got back to the bus, and Gee showed me to my bunk. I was super happy that they were allowing me to stay with them. We sat on my new bed, and I looked at my feet.

“What’s on your mind, Girly.” Gerard asked.

“Okay, for one I’m not girly.” I giggled. He simply smiled and glanced at the few shopping bags from Hot Topic, Jordan’s, and a few other places I didn’t know of.

“Okay, I see your point. What are you thinking about?”

“How long till I have to go back? I mean, I know I have to, you all cant take me in.” I felt tears in my eyes.

“What? Your not going back, don’t even think, say, or even mention them. We can take you in. your almost outta the foster program right?”

“Yea, im 18, so another year I’ll be 19 and home free.”

“Well, stay here, with us, till then. I doubt they’ll even come looking for you.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure.”

I awoke to the sound of the fire alarm beeping.

“Oh Shit!!!” a voice said. I couldn’t tell if that was Frank or Gerard.

“Mikey…” I called. My throat hurt, and I could barley talk, but when I did it was very horse. I COULD NOT get sick. Mikey’s little face pop out from around the corner.

“Mornin’ Dawn. Are you okay?”

“Oh yea, *cough cough* I just wanted to know what is going on. And why I was woken by such a high frequency noise!”

“Dumb and Dummier tried cooking and let the food burn.”


I through the blankets off and sat up. I was so tired, and was a bit ill feeling, but I got up anyway and dragged myself into the kitchen.

“Aaaaaahhhh it’s Frankenstein’s monster!” Frank yelled.

I shot a glare at him and he quickly shut up. He tried to hold back a laugh, but failed, and began laughing so hard, he doubled over and fell to the ground.

I took a look in the bathroom mirror. My hair was a mess, it was standing on end in several places, I had horrid bags under my eyes. I did look like Frankenstein’s monster.

I went back into the living area; I plopped on the couch and laid my head on someone’s shoulder. I looked up a little to see who it was, and found it was Billie Joe.

“Well hello there.” He said, smiling.

I laughed and closed my eyes, I was still very tired, but when I glanced up at the clock it read: 4:45pm. I don’t even remember what time I fell asleep.

“Gerard,” I called, peeking over the back of the couch. He was standing at the stove, he was cooking, yet I didn’t understand the point of finishing off food Frankie already burnt.

“Yes…?” he said, glancing my direction.

“I feel ill, like, how long have I been asleep?” I asked.

“less then 2 days.”

“Two days!”

“yea but its understandable, you’ve been traumatized, so your body needs rested. That and you did put up Frank for a whole day, and didn’t run away screaming.”

“I suppose, but will you take my temperature?”

“Sure.” He said tossing me the thermometer.

When the thermometer beep it read: 104

I felt a strange nausea come over me and ran to the bathroom, this was going to be hell.