Convited: chapter 39 %_%

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Convited: chapter 39 %_%

POV-Janelle- I made it to the highway before night fall, at sunset I began looking for a good place to camp. When I left I decided to go simply on foot, because if I took the car it would leave the guys stranded and that wouldn’t be good. I didn’t pack any food, but a box a Fiber One bars and two bottles of water. I didn’t know where I was going to go, but I needed to come up with a place before I reached the city tomorrow. So as I ate my Fiber bar and drank the first bottle of water, while savoring all I could I began to think. I couldn’t go to my mother’s house, the guys would expect that of me. Plus they couldn’t find me, otherwise Gerard would never let me go.
“If you love something let it go,”
I whirled around at the sound of a haunting voice, only to almost choke on my on my bite of the Fiber bar.

POV- Gerard- I rolled over to my right side, away from Mikey and Frank. I wanted to go back to sleep, dream of life with Janelle. But instead my mind had something else planned. I folded my arm underneath the fluffy pillow, and stared at the blank white wall.
“Gerard, I sorry, I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t mean to…ya know, but with everything that happen to Jess, and the shock that you guys finally did date, and with BL/ind still haunting me, I didn’t…wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry. Personally, I thought she was a cool kid.” Frank sympathized. He’d been doing that for the past three hours, since I’d been awake. He was one reason why I wanted to go back to sleep.

“I think he gets it Frank, it’s only been three hours of non-stop apologies.” Mikey lectured, same old Mikey. Glad to know he still hasn’t changed by Janelle’s disappearance.
Without another word, I heard the door click shut. I glanced behind me, Mikey and Frank had left, and in their place was Janelle. I smiled.

POV- Frank- I honestly did feel bad for what I said to Janelle the other night. Three hours of saying ‘I’m sorry’ wasn’t going to fix things. I felt….helpless, I hated feeling helpless. None of us have read the letter Janelle left. We decided to wait for Gerard. I lay next to Jess as she grieved for her father. We were in her room; I was staring at the ceiling while she was curled up next to me crying. I whispered things to her, although I knew she wasn’t listening, and I wasn’t either. We’d left Gerard in Mikey’s room, because we knew he wasn’t going anywhere. Mikey went to hunt down Bandit, it was 3pm and she still had not come out of her room.

POV-Gerard- there was a knock at the door. Lifted up only to my shoulders, And without a word, the door opened. In the door way was my bed headed daughter and behind her was my well groomed brother. Mikey smiled at the way Bandit’s hair looked. It was standing up everywhere, so messy it would make you wonder how she combs threw it in the morning.
“Somebody needed there daughter. And somebody else needed there father,” Mikey said, even though Bandit looked at him like he was stupid.
My sleep headed daughter walked like a zombie across the floor then crawled into bed next to/ in front of me.
“Good afternoon my sleepy head,” I said. Bandit only groaned and then began to sonar lightly. She had fallen back asleep, i wish i could have joined her...