Convicted : Chapter 24 (the real chapter 24 last chapter was labled 24 but really was 23, somtimes i cant count)

POV- Bandit- I got to my feet and began to run towards the back door, but before I could get to steps from where I was standing Janelle grabbed my wrist. Anger, horror, and fear filled my up to the boiling point. I want to run inside and make sure everything was okay, make sure dad and the others didn’t leave Mikey in the same room with a fork and a toaster alone. “Look!” Janelle shouted pointing to the top right corner of the door, it looked like someone on the other side was pushing on it but I was stuck. Janelle ran to the door and began yanking on the corner, I ran over and helped. Finally we got the door free and Frank, Mikey, my dad, and Ray tumbled out and to the ground, gathering a mouth full of dirt and hot sand. Frank stood up and then helped Mikey and Ray up. Janelle smiled at me and then helped dad up from the ground, was he stood he grabbed Janelle and hugged her tightly. Even though he was all covered in what looked to be black soot from whatever had exploded. Frank ran over and hugged me, as I stood there hugging Frankie it hit me that I was the first person he hugged, which was weird because normally he hugged dad, Mikey, Ray, or Janelle first. He always has. I didn’t really care though; secretly I wasn’t sure about my feelings for Frank anymore. Ever since I got my memory/ life/ self-back, one look at Frank left me confused. The only thing that I was sure about was that Mikey would be my tutor for school, and sooner or later I would have an awesome step-mom named Janelle Genevieve Presley. Deep inside I knew that she could never take place of my real mom, but it would be nice to call somebody mom. Just as long as that somebody wasn’t Lisa Marie. I pulled out of Franks hug, not really wanting to though, and walked over to Janelle and dad, who were still hugging and looking into each other’s eye. “Oh, just kiss already!” I heard myself say. Just as the words slipped out, I smacked my hand over my mouth and ran inside, totally embarrassed. I ran straight to my new room and slammed the door. I grabbed some paper, a pen, and my Guitar that Frank gave me on my 10th birthday, and began to write a song. Hours later I heard a knock on my door, I knew it was my dad because he knocks to the beat of Welcome to the Black Parade, my favorite song ever. When I didn’t say anything, he cracked my door open slightly. “Bandit honey, are you okay.” I wiped the tears from my eyes and knowing my voice would squeak and crack I said, “Yeah dad, come on in.”