Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Some people might think that the last chapter was going to be the last one for a few weeks, but I managed to make a new chapter. I'm going to save you the gore and send Frank straight home here. Unless you want the gore?.. If you do, tell me and that will be the next chapter. :D


Frank was finally satisfied, and it had only taken three foxes. He came across a few dogs, but couldn't bring himself to do it. They were just too fucking cute.

He stumbled through the front door, forgetting that there was a step before the door, and heard worried voices.

"Frank, where have you been?! We didn't hear you go out! We were about to call the police!" shrieked Ray.

"I was hungry...had to get something..."

"You could have asked for something!"

"Ray, vampires don't eat fucking pizza."

An awkward silence followed. No one spoke, and they all looked tired. Gerard looked right at Frank.

"Frank. Come with me a second." He muttered, only just loud enough for Frank to hear him.

They left the hall, going back down the stairs to the Red Room. The bed sheets were still crumpled from Frank's day of tossing and turning.

"Frank, when we found out you were a vampire, we were worried. When we saw you were missing not long ago, we were even more worried, but I'm sure Mikey is absolutely fucking terrified. He...likes you."

"Gerard, I know that, but I...can't control when I'm hungry, and PIZZA doesn't stop it. You can all pig out all you want, but you know, I prefer the blood of large animals."

Gerard grinned, and Frank smiled back. The first smile in days.