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I'm sure no one is going to answer my blog, but oh well!....

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MCR_KilljoyForever's picture
on August 7, 2014 - 1:21pm

Anyways, I'm an incoming freshman in high school this year. Our first day is next Wednesday! I'mm very excited and a little nervous because it's going to be a whole new setting. I have two questions for anyone who dares to read this. XD

1.) I have to get a computer and the main thing is it has to last all day on battery without being recharged. I know, very stupid but whatever. So my dad and I are debating between the MacBook Air 13.3 inch or the MacBook Pro 15 inch with Retina display. We've both decided that the Pro will be overkill for just HS, but maybe it could be used for college. For HS my comp will mainly be used for online math homework, English papers, probably a TON of projects, and note taking. I'm thinking the Air will suite me the best and I should just get it and I actually want that one anyways. So any tips or advice or personal experience on Macs, the Airs, or Pros, will be supper appreciated.

2.) My second question is just about high school in general. So before I start I'm going to a private Catholic HS if that makes any difference. So what are some things I should do my freshman year and what are things I should NOT do? Any advice or stories would help. I'm not too freaked about going into HS, but that it's going to be really weird and different. Oh and how can you tell who your real friends are and who you should hang out with.

Thank you all so much! Have an amazing day!

XOXO Static Revenge