Freaky Dream

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Freaky Dream

Any one want to interpret this for me????

-Went to see a movie in a builing that was half a movie theater and half a school.
-ended up having to take some sort of test about rock stuff.
-Jared leto and Gerard Way show up.
-The first question deals with the song disenchanted by MCR
-I smile up at Gerard and he gives me a thumbs up.
-Before the next question they both get up and leave.
-The others with me try to get them to stay but they just keep walking.
-I got up and yelled that the Echelon and the MCRmy need you, and I screamed that I needed them.
-Jared looks like he might stay but Gerard says something angry about me and the army and walks off.

scene changes to a football entrance like tunnel.

-A bunch of MCR fans are waiting to see Gerard leave.
-I walk up to one of them and tell her what happened.

The dream goes on and because of what happened between me and Gerard I couldn't focus on anything that I was supposed to be doing.

It was soooooooooooo strange
Any one have ANY idea what this might mean????