Without You is How I Disappear

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Without You is How I Disappear

today was yet another drab summer day...
i delved in the comforts of music i've never heard before. Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil. mostly the first.
i took a walk with my dear little sister.
my stomach hurts now >.<
too much food. oh how i am such a fattie at heart (no offense.)
my little baby cousin Miles is here but he is fast asleep.
will anyone save me from complete boredom?
my darling cat Ghost, maybe....

i hope you MCRmy members will comment someday.
i grow tired of waiting.

without you is how i disappear.
there are three sweet guys in my life right now. actually 4.
Evan Alpaugh.
Taylor Draffen.
Matty McNulty
and last, Baker Smith.

they are all so nice and adorable but who should i choose? i have yet to know where the last two live, whereas Evan and Taylor reside in my community. i plan to have a birthday party July 8th and invite them both. i have Evan's number, not Taylor's. he left before i could ask and i may not see him ever again. but i will try.

Evan you will be mine one day!
i hope....
we'll have fun and kiss outside under a tree or sloping roof where the party takes place.

~Toxic Flame
dejected killjoy...