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What's up buttercup?

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mcrforlife78's picture
on July 22, 2014 - 1:30pm

Hello bloggers, vloggers and MCrmy members! I haven't posted a blog on here in a while so here goes it. I'm in a shore house right now. It's fun. The beach is nice and I just bought a kite. It's cloudy over here and a little rainy. I'm just sitting here waiting to fly it. Since I've been back on my meds my mood has been pretty stable. No random hyperness or outbursts. But that's probably cuz it's pretty bland here. I've only gone to the beach and Wright Brothers museum. Talk about snoozefest. Even though the beach is fun. I wanna hang with my friends but I'm an hour drive from home ----------
but I have amazing news! If anyone remembers, I used to date a guy named Connor who resides in NY. Well he an I are reunited once again and I've never been happier ^_^ he texts me everyday but at this moment he hasnt texted in over an hour. I hope my baby is okay. Guess what he did for me? He changed his signature on his phone to: Tender lex and con. Tlc babaaaay. Isn't that adorable? TLC meaning tender love and care <3 he's as adorable and sweet as I remember.
So how have you guys been? I would like to know. You guys are like family to me and you're always there to help me out. As always, if anybody is feeling down, needs advice or just wants to talk, I'm here for you. Peace out girl scouts!

-Toxic Flame