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Question challenge

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mcrforlife78's picture
on July 30, 2014 - 8:22am

1.Favorite music genres (2): rock and post hardcore
2. Favorite bands (3): My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides, Sleeping with Sirens
3.Favorite songs of the above bands
(1 each) Famous Last Words, Perfect Weapon, Do It Now Remember It Later
4.First time you heard them.
My friend introduced me to my chem. I listened to Helena first and instantly fell in love with the vid and the style. My other friend told me I might like black veil brides in eighth grad when I started to dress like a goth. I loved Andy's deep voice and the darkness of the band. I found sleeping with sirens when I was browsing YouTube. I clicked on the vid for Do It Now Remember it Later and loved Kellin's randomness and good looks. I was amazed at how high he could sing.
5.Favorite actor/actress. Johnny Depp
6.Favorite movie they've been in. Nightmare Before Christmas
7.First time you watched the above movie. I think I was in eighth grade around christmas. I fell in love with the claymation and dark songs.
8.Favorite youtuber Ryan Higa
9.First and favorite video of theirs How to be Ninja. Skitzo Valentines Day
10.Reasons you love "said-youtuber" he's a funny Asian, random, loves stereotypes, makes fun of himself, good singer, makes hilarious parodies, cute