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Chapter 4: Killjoys Never Die

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on August 3, 2014 - 9:28am

She was in a cellar-like room. Three other guys with bandannas around their necks sat around a small circular table loaded with snacks, candy and soda. A couch with a tv in front of it equipped with an xbox and four wireless controllers sat in the back.
"Come meet my friends!" my uncle exclaimed.
The blonde guy with the red jacket spoke up first. "Hey," he said with no expression, somewhat like a poker face. "I'm Mikey. But the killjoys call me Kobra Kid." he shook my hand.
"How do you do? I'm Gee or Party Poison," he introduced himself with a smile stretching from ear to ear.
"And I'm Ray," a tall guy with a curly Afro declared. "They call me Jet Star."
"Nice to meet you guys. I'm umm... I've never really had a name. I've had so many identities lately. I'm not sure who my real identity is..."
"Don't worry," my uncle replied. "We'll have a killjoy name for you in no time. What would you like us to call you for now?"
"Call me Skye," I said with a smile.

The next day, we kept our eye on the streets looking for our enemies the Dracs. Every hour or so, one would be roaming the streets on patrol but other than that the coast was clear. They told me we had to get to Zone 2 quick before the Dracs became hot on our tails. The final stop was Zone 6 where BLI/Ind was located. We had to shut down their evil plot to hypnotize everyone into following their orders.
We devised a plan to escape this zone. Mikey and Gee are going to distract the hourly Drac on patrol while Ray and Uncle Frank get the car to the other end of the zone far beyond the eye of any witnesses. Mikey and Gee will lead the Drac on a false tail and then when he least expects it, they'll make a run for the car. We three will already be in there and all they have to do is jump in and we'll be on our way to Zone 2.
"Party Poison and Kobra Kid are in position!" Gee told the car's radio through an old style walkie talkie.
"Roger that!" Uncle Frank replied.
Party Poison knocked down onneof the market stalls in the street causing a commotion. The Drac saw and instantly ran after him.
"Requesting backup!" he said through a bluetooth wireless receiver.
Another Drac was instantly by his side.
"This is gonna be a piece of cake," Mikey said under his breath.
"When we're done this, can we have a piece of cake?" Gee asked.
"Focus brother."
"Oh, right."
They stopped at the end of an alley.
The two simultaneously brought out their grappling hooks and deployed them.
A whoosh was heard as the hooks whizzed through the air. They grabbed on firmly and quickly ascended onto the rooftop.
"Halt!" one of the Dracs shouted.
"Not on my watch!" Gee screamed.
Party Poison and Kobra Kid expertly jumped from rooftop to rooftop without flaw.
"They're gaining on us!" Mikey said with a gruff voice.
"Then let's lead them right where we want them," he ushered with a sly smile.
The explosives factory was half a mile ahead. They got there in record time and dropped down inside through a top window. Both had their ray guns pointed at a fuse on a huge bomb. Once they hit them, those bombs will trigger all the other weapons will detonate the entire factory.
"The Dracs are coming in close," Mikey said.
"One more second....... And now!"
Zhoom! Zhoom! The ray blasts went off in a flash of blue.
They ran at lightning speed as a stellar explosion racked the whole end of the town. The two mile run to the car only took them a few minutes. Kobra Kid and Party Poison got in the passenger sides and slammed the doors shut.
"Let's roll!" Gee shouted.
"Yeah!" the others screamed.
And the Killjoys rode off into the sunset jamming out to their favorite tune.
Na na na na na na na... On my authority.... Na na na na na na na to every enemy....