stolen survey thing

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stolen survey thing

how long have you known mcr?
-i have known about them for 2 years loved them for 1

what is your favorite song?
-most probably welcome to the black parade because it was the first song i heard by mcr, and i just love it

who is your favourite band member and why?
-... gerard because he is inspiring, funny and adorkable (a mixture of dorky and adorable) but il like all of them becuase they're awesome

have you seen them live?
-yes i went to see them this year in febuary in newcastle for my pre birthday present (best one ever :DDDD)

what merch do you have of theirs?
i counted this: 37 posters (i know i'm weird and sad), all of their cd's, some braclets, some necklaces, approx. 9 t-shirts, 1 belt and a beanie. :) alot of merch i know

Favorite Era?
-Hm, That's a tough one, either black parade or revenge

Band Or Artist You Wish They'd Record With?
-green day :D

Favorite MCR Quote?
-it's easy peasy pumpkin peasy, pumpkin pie mofo. (i said to my mate once and she just looked at me with a wtf look on her face

Favorite CD?
-it's between danger days or black parade

Favorite Video?
-if i had to choose... probably i'm not okay i don't know it's cool all of them are cool i can't decide :o

thanks for the procrastination also heres a vampire with a mustache :{=
blood bunny signing off