sorry for the bullshit

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sorry for the bullshit

hey guys, sorry for the depressing blog earlier i was just upset but here's an update on the situation

my best friend is STILL friends with me which is good and we can kinda hang out at school now (i kinda need a break from them anyway, it was sorta getting tense) also this girl who i was quite good friends with that kinda dissapeared for a while told me that i was pretty and nice and that they weren't worth it and i told my best friend i was sorry for kinda over-reacting (which i tend to do alot)

anyway, here's my art history project (starring a drawing of Gee way) and it took me ages to do started about march-ish (i think) and only finished it on monday. Do you like it?

also if you wanna message me, message me 'cause i'm kinda bored
and here is a link to my new fanfiction "City Fires and The Tabloid Lies"

keep shining killjoys