imagine :)

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imagine :)

If you were a member of a band that was just beginning to become famous, and were being interviewed, what would your answer to these questions be?

What position are you in the band?

What's your band name?
black angels or outcast's revenge (i'm stuck)

How many are in your band?
5 (1 singer, 1 bassist, 2 guitarists and a drummer)

Do you ever plan on having kids?
someday, but i don't wanna be mature yet

Who inspired you?
MCR because they told me not to give a shit and they're right

Will you ever drink, smoke or do drugs?
Maybe smoke and drink on occasion

When do you plan to retire?
i would rather die than think about retirement

What's your advice for your fans?
never give a shit of what people think, be who you wanna be

Who would you love to make a single, or maybe even an album with?
MCR probably or black veil brides

When did you start singing/playing?
i started singing about 5 years ago but sang rock music for maybe 2 years

Are you married, if not, do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, if not, who would you get with? (eg. A fan, another celebrity, someone you knew before you were famous)
no i don't have a boyfriend and i'm not married i like to have an open mind, i don't mind who i go out with as long as they're nice and treat me right

Some people don't think your gonna make it in the music world, what do you think about this?
i don't give a fuck about what people think, i love doing this and i'm here to stay