Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Detroit

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Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Detroit

By. Sulfursiren

While standing on the bank of the Hudson River in New Jersey and watching the twin towers fall ten years ago, Gerard Way could not have imagined that today he would be surrounded by over 15,000 fans. That long journey is what brings us here, to Clarkston, Michigan, preparing to witness something truly unique: a My Chemical Romance concert on the 10th anniversary of September 11th. As with every key show in their career, MCR rose to meet the moment and delivered an unforgettable performance.

From the opening audio onslaught of Na Na Na, My Chemical Romance demonstrated early in their set that this show was going to be one to remember. The band ripped into their songs with unparalleled ferocity and the crowd responded by increasing their excitement with each high kick and fist pump from Gerard, who applauded the audience’s wild energy. The crowd jumped as one to the sounds of Teenagers and Mama, including many energized Blink 182 fans. With the arrival of Helena, Gerard encouraged old fans and new fans to sing together and the audience countered by throwing their hands in the air.

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Throughout the set, Gerard created memorable moments with his witty remarks and powerful vocals. The rest of the guys followed his lead and left it all on the stage. Normally a madman with magic fingers on the guitar, Ray Toro seemed to be channeling Frank Iero’s frenetic energy by spinning in circles during “Give Em Hell Kid.” Mikey Way brought the heavy bass and moved with great conviction. While Frank was in fine form flailing joyously with all his might, James Dewees added a great deal of nuance with the inclusion of keyboards. Finally, Jarrod Alexander proved to be a great addition and kept the drums booming all night long. Together, these six men brought down the house with such fervor and passion that the crowd looked like a sea of people moving as one.

Even though My Chemical Romance has always played invigorated and visceral shows, this night they were playing as if their lives depended on it, and they appeared to be attaining a new level of brashness, subtlety, and strength with every song. While the entire set was exceptional, MCR reached a transcendent state when Gerard began to speak about the band’s history with September 11th, 2001. While this topic has often been debated or discussed, Gerard cleared the air by stating “on that day ten years ago” the band was formed in the wake of tragedy. From this birth, he emphasized that MCR has always attempted to give people hope and inspiration. Gerard then urged the crowd to have a moment of silence to remember those we lost that day and in the wars that followed.

From the silence came a song we never thought we would hear in a haunting new form. With the first words of “Skylines and Turnstiles” reminding us that we were together in this moment and in this world, a sea of lighters and cell phones emerged. Long before this concert, fans hoped that Skylines, the band’s first song, would return for this critical marker in our history as both fans and a people remembering their collective past. My Chemical Romance gave us the opportunity to experience this song live for the first time in seven years and the fans met this offering with a swell of emotion.

Struck by the lyrics, many people were brought to tears. Some swayed in time to the song. Others held their loved ones tight. Many sang along. Hundreds lifted lighters in the air. No matter how fans reacted, the deafening silence of thousands was chilling. In that moment, the crowd recognized they were part of something special and were moved by the vulnerability and strength Gerard displayed; every note and quiver in his voice a testament to our power to overcome and inspire. With its triumphant final words, “Skylines and Turnstiles” finished to the crowd’s unprecedented roar, a stunning tribute to the catharsis produced by such an honest and moving remembrance.

Ten years is a long time yet it can also be lived in the blink of an eye. Years can be full of birth, death, growth, and above all, change. It is from this understanding that we are propelled forward and recognize that while we seek inspiration from music, we must all strive to become our own version of what tomorrow needs. When the last notes faded from "Skylines and Turnstiles," we were reminded that no matter how difficult the journey, My Chemical Romance answered their call to give the world one more reason to sing.

Cheers to the next ten years and to the end.