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Tomorrow my Personal Wellness class has to play Ultimate Frisbie...I'm not sure what it is, but I'm kind of concerned. I am someone sucks at aports in general. I mean I managed to hit myself in the head with a racket while playing bad mitten at school my 9th grade year. I can only imagine how badly this is going to end for me. I also have my dreaded Intro to Art class tomorrow, it's not that I dislike art, I actually really enjoy art. My Proffessor just manages to take soemthing interesting and makes it extremely boring!!!!!

Oh well, at least I'll get to write some in my English 102 class tomorrow, and we're still going over the script to Death of a Salesman in Intro to Theatre. *The two classes I enjoy the most.* Oh yeah, I also bought my Math book today. I have my first test this Thursday. =) I also signed into my old myyearbook account, it had been like four years since I last logged on. I've been taking random quizzes all day! Lol.

Jamie watched more Stargate Atlantis today. She's on season 2 episode 3, Runner. We're picking up there tomorrow. =)

Goodnight everyone. Sleep tight, dream happy dreams tonight. =)