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It's One Big Story

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Mass_Convultions's picture
on July 6, 2014 - 2:37pm

Imagine all of My Chem's songs (only the ones on the albums and CW) were all part of one story, with Revenge as the first part, Black Parade being second, Danger Days being third, Bullets the last part, and the Conventional Weapons being dispersed through out. Keep in mind that with this, you might have to switch up the songs to get the story to sound correct, but here's what I have. Just a quick summary: around 2004 (duh) Revenge occurred. (The story from Revenge is the first part of this story). Black Parade follows, partly the afterlife of the Man in Revenge, and partly the Father of the Boy in Parade. My idea (in relation to the story) is that to two befriend each other in Hell? (The afterlife, whatever). Now Danger Days comes in with the kid (and friends) of the Man and Woman of Revenge. Of course we all know the DD story, but in this case, one (or two, depending :P ) of the band members is the son of the Revenge couple, and one is the Son from BP. That story ensues. Then comes Revenge. This after. After all of that, comes The End. Most of the world dies, and comes back as... Zombies... Well, and Vampires. The love story in Revenge is the Children of the first Children. (Of Revenge and BP) They fall in love and do their best to protect each other from the evil that corrupted the world. Sadly, they do end up dying (at least one of them does, anyway. The girl I assume) And that, is the whole story... Cool, eh? Check it out when you get a chance, maybe you'll see a different story...