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Mashed Spider's picture
on September 1, 2014 - 3:24pm

[X] I am a cuddler.
[ ] I am a morning person.
[ ] I am an only child.
[ ] I am currently in my pajamas.
[ ] I am left handed.
[X] I am a little shy around the opposite gender at first.
[ ] I bite my nails
[X] I can be paranoid at times.
[ ] I enjoy country music.
[ ] I enjoy smoothies.
[ ] I enjoy talking on the phone.
[ ] I have a car.
[X] I have/had a hard time paying attention at school.
[ ] I have a hidden talent.
[X] I have a pet.
[ ] I have a tendency to fall for the “wrong” guy/girl.
[ ] I have all my grandparents.
[X] I have been to another country.
[ ] I have been told that I have an unusual sense of humor.
[ ] I have or had broken a bone.
[X] I have caller I.D. on my phone.
[X] I have changed a lot over the past year.
[ ] I have friends who have never seen my natural hair colour.
[X] I have had major/minor surgery.
[ ] I have had my hair cut within the last week.
[X] I have mood swings.
[ ] I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life
[X] I have rejected someone before.
[ ] I like the taste of blood.
[ ] I love Michael Jackson.
[X] I love sleeping.
[X] I love to shop.
[X] I own 100 CDs or more.
[X] I own and use a library card.
[X] I read books for pleasure in my spare time.
[ ] I sleep a lot during the day.
[ ] I watch soap operas on a regular basis.
[ ] I work at a job that I enjoy.
[ ] I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free.
[ ] I am currently wearing socks.
[X] I am tired.
[X] I love to paint/draw/sketch/sculpt.
[X] I consume at least one alcoholic drink every month.

I have/had:

[X] Graduated high school.
[ ] Smoked cigarettes.
[X] Ridden every ride at an amusement park.
[X] Collected something really stupid.
[X] Gone to a concert.
[X] Helped someone.
[ ] Spun turn tables.
[X] Watched four movies in one night.
[X] Been broken up with.
[ ] Taken a college level course.
[X] Been in a car accident.
[ ] Been in a tornado.
[X] Watched someone die.(Close, it was less than 12 hours before he died)
[X] Been to a funeral.
[X] Burned yourself.
[ ] Ran a marathon.
[ ] Your parents got divorced.
[X] Cried yourself to sleep.
[X] Spent over $200 in one day.
[ ] Cheated on someone.
[ ] Been cheated on. (*mutters curses at my ex*)
[ ] Written a 10 page letter.
[X] Had a best friend.
[X] Lost someone you loved.
[X] Skipped school.
[ ] Gotten in trouble for something you didn’t do.
[ ] Stolen books from the library.
[ ] Been in a mental hospital.
[X] Watched the “Harry Potter” movies.
[ ] Fired a gun.
[X] Been in a school play.
[ ] Been fired from a job.
[ ] Taken a lie detector test.
[ ] Swam with dolphins.
[X] Attempted suicide.
[X] Written poetry.
[X]Read more than 20 books a year.
[X]Gone to Europe.
[X] Loved someone you couldn’t have.
[X] Used a colouring book over age 12.
[X] Had surgery.
[ ] Had stitches.
[X] Taken a taxi.
[ ] Had a hamster.
[X] Dyed your hair.
[X]Had something pierced.
[X] Gotten straight A’s.
[ ] Been handcuffed.

My hair is naturally the color:

[ ] Light brown
[ ] Medium brown
[X] Dark brown
[ ] Blonde
[ ] Black
[ ] Dirty blonde
[ ] Strawberry blonde/Ginger
[ ] Multicoloured

My eyes are:

[X] Brown
[ ] Blue
[ ] Grey
[ ] Green
[ ] Hazel
[ ] Light brown
[ ] A combination of things

I am:

[ ] Male
[X] Female
[ ] Other

Some of my biggest fears are:

[ ] Spiders/other insects
[X] Dying
[ ] Doctor/Dentist appointments
[ ] Hospitals
[X] Needles
[ ] Disease
[X] Being alone in the dark
[X] Heights
[X] Small spaces
[X] Oceans/large bodies of water
[ ] Holes
[ ] Large animals
[ ] Small animals
[ ] Open spaces
[ ]Lightning

I have:

[X] A laptop in my room
[ ] A television in my room
[ ] My own car
[X] Married parents