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Short stories part 2

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Destroya87's picture
on September 19, 2014 - 5:00pm

I'm part of a writing project in wich I make short stories, this one is number two, and it has nothing to do with number one, hope you like it :)

Just wait
I was sitting alone in my favourite bench at the park when an old man came and sat down. I stared at him and said nothing, when he started talking with his deep voice.
"I have to tell it to someone. I have to tell you my curse before something happens. But do me a favour, tell this to an authority in case something really bad happens."
"Amm ok" I answered a little nervous " but why me¿"
"I was really young back then" he continued talking, like a if he was under a spell, drown in a deep sleep. " It was in the summer. I was playing in my favourite woods near my house at the farm. Suddenly it got dark, but it was only 4:00 pm. I look all around and didn't recognize were I was. All I could see was trees and more trees, there was no way out."
" A big blue circle came out from the nowhere and disappeared again. This happened a few times until the circle became blue-green and a voice called my name. "James" the voice said " James I need a favor"it sounded like a childish voice.
The last thing I remember is running back home, with a lot of bruises in my legs and arms, and my mom yelling at me."
" I woke up really early the next day, feeling something bad inside me. I went to the bathroom and my 15-years old face appeared tired in the mirror. I stared at myself long time, until I saw a strange change. My eyes were turning blue, then black, then blue, then black, a few times until my eyes were blue-green"
"Then I remembered that last night I let a monster to enter into my body"
Then his voice started to sound more desperate.
" it was a kind of ghost, he possessed my body and he could control a part of me"
Then he yelled and cried
"I didn't know what to do in that moment. I ran back to the heart of the woods, and stayed there almost all day, but nothing happened."
He calmed down and continued
"I learn how to live with it since that day. I learned how to control it, but now for the first time, the spirit is controlling me, asking a favour"
"And what does he want" I asked
"He's thirsty"
I looked at the man, but he was not old anymore. He was a 15- year old boy. I looked around, and the park was empty. There was no people.
"Really thirsty" he said, then turned to me and while becoming old in front of my eyes he said
"But it has to wait. That ghost have to wait"
After that, I came back home and at the next day, on the news I heard something that freezed my soul.
" Yesterday a group of police man found an old man drinking someone's blood. He recieved a shot on his head and before dying he said
"The ghost couldn't wait anymore"