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Destroya87's picture
on October 2, 2014 - 9:24pm

This is my last story of my literature proyect and it must be a LONG story so I leave you with the first really short part of the starting. Please tell me if you like or nit, its important to me, thanks :)


When I woke up this morning, I was real. I could see, hear and feel. I knew what my feelings were, and what things were wrong. I never believed in ghosts or monsters, but I liked all terror things. I didn't knew, that the monster that I'm now, could be real.

Everything started when I moved to Bristol. I was new In the town, didn't knew anybody and liked the climate. Cold, just as my soul.
I got down from the car and saw our big house at the middle of nowhere. Near a big tree, a swing was resting, waiting for someone to sit down on it. Our house was color red, it had two floors, one front door, one back door, three windows and a rooster on the roof. Nice, big house. Maybe full of mysteries.

I love to explore new places, discover new things, and collect what I discovered. That was my favorite hobby. I liked reading too, just as my grandfather. This house remembered me of my grandfather, because it was his house. He inherit it to my mom when he,for unkown reasons, died.