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Best class ever

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Destroya87's picture
on September 3, 2014 - 11:10pm

Today I had singing classes and I'm really happy with it, not just because they teach you respiration stuff and all that, its because today we had a "trust circle" and we told stories that made some effect on us. I told lots of stories, 'bout my depression and all the sh*ts I had in my mind and ended up crying because I needed to. My mind is totally free now because that's all I needed. Someone who really listen and care about me. I ended crying because I couldn't handle the idea of lose everything I've got ya know? The teacher and my classmates (now friends) were really impresed. They told me I seem to be a normal girl, without any problem, and they were happpy 'cause I was happy. And a lot of my friends are passing hard times too, and I will help them as many as you did. That's all I wanted to say :) good night