Stuff about me and funny pics of BVB

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Stuff about me and funny pics of BVB

Favorite Colour? Black,Lime green

Favorite Animal? Wolf

Favorite Food? this is gonna sound weird...but green bean cassarole. Its amazing :)

Favorite song or artist? ummmm, a mix between MCR,BVB,and BOTDF, and my favourite son at the moment is Saviour by BVB

Favorite Video Game? Guitar Hero or Batman:Arkham City

Favorite Movie? Hunger Games

Thing Your Most Looking Forward This Summer? Saving up for my guitar, and my fams two week trip to Siesta Key in July

Cutest Little Kid Show? Seeing as how MCR performed on it, Yo Gabba Gabba

Hobbies? hero...procrastinating..

Best TV Show? hmmm....Punked maybe...

Best Place You've Ever Been? Disney World or like the Rock and Roll hall of fame or something

Collect Anything? Snow globes, and clay figurines

Style? Me. One day ill be wearing a BVB tee and black fingerless gloves, and another ill be in a sundress and cowgirl boots. I'm Me.

Listening To Anything Right Now?

Going Anywhere This Weekend? library maybe...

Best Friend? I don't wanna choose, but I get along with Shyanne really well so...

Speak Any Other Languages? fangirl.

-Violent Virtue