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[ ] Physically, you are very flexible.
[x] You like to have power or take control in most situations.
[ ] You are a smooth talker.
[X] You lie a lot.
[ ] You can stretch your mouth very wide.
[ ] You intimidate most people.
[X] Most people don't like you.
[X] Your favorite color is green.
[X] You don't have very many friends.
[ ] You have more enemies than friends.
[ ] You are cunning.
[X] You like to be alone
Total= 5

[X] You like to feel as free as possible.
[ ] Most people really like you.
[X] You are talkative.
[ ] You feed the ducks when you go to the park.
[ ] You have been on an airplane before.
[X] You would like to fly someday, airplane or not.
[ ] Your favorite color is blue.
[ ] People say that you have a great sense of direction in life.
[ ] You have a lot of friends.
[ ] You have picked up a bird's feather and kept it for a long time.
[ ] You like to be part of the crowd.
[X] Your vision is 20x20 or better.
Total= 4

[X] You are very independent.
[X] You like to go out on adventures.
[ ] You're a cuddle-bug.
[ ] You aren't afraid of mice.
[ ] You have a pet cat.
[ ] You have a pet fish.
[ ] You have cheated death 1 or more times.
[ ] You have been in a car accident.
[ ] Some people say that you're graceful.
[X] You are very quiet.
[ ] You don't like the rain.
[X] Your favorite color is purple.
Total= 4

[ ] You are very loyal.
[X] You are a very social person.
[ ] You have many friends.
[X] You would die for someone you love.
[ ] You love to play sports.
[X] You have a pet dog.
[ ] Your favorite color is yellow.
[ ] You find joy in helping others.
[ ] Your favorite food is meat.
[X] You have guided/helped someone on an outing before and did not mind.
[X] You would protect your friends and family no matter what.
[ ] You may drool from time to time
Total= 5

[ ] You are a very physically-fit person.
[ ] You like to go out on runs/jogs.
[ ] You are a vegetarian.
[ ] Strength is your best quality.
[X] People can depend on you for things.
[ ] Your favorite color is red.
[X] You like sports cars.
[ ] You think that a lowered suspension and better handling is the way to go.
[ ] Your job requires you to lift 50 lbs or more.
[ ] Someone has asked you before, "Why the long face?"
[X] You like sweets.
[ ] Apples are your preferred fruit.
Total= 3

[X] You live with your family.
[X] You get along with your family.
[X] You like to teach others.
[ ] Your favorite color is gray.
[X] People consider you to be a leader.
[X] You would protect family and friends if threatened.
[X] You like to sing.
[X] The nightlife is for you.
[X] You like to go to raves or dances.
[X] Being social is a big part of your personality.
[X] You look up to someone and want to be like them someday.
Total= 10
[ ] You are popular.
[ ] People look up to you.
[ ] You hold a powerful presence.
[ ] You have been in a fight before.
[ ] Your favorite color is gold.
[ ] Someone has looked up to you before.
[ ] You sleep more than 12 hours a day.
[ ] You are a morning person.
[ ] You think you have the best hair.
[ ] You look intimidating to others.
[ ] People don't bully you.
[X] You love the rain.
Total= 1

[ ] People think that you are very intimidating.
[ ] You are not afraid of bees.
[ ] Your favorite color is brown.
[ ] You like to go out for hikes in the forest/nature trails.
[X] You have brothers/sisters.
[ ] You like to go fishing.
[X] You like to swim.
[ ] You like to go hunting.
[ ] You adapt really well to extreme situations.
[ ] You are very strong.
[X] You don't like a big crowd.
[ ] You are fearless of others.
Total= 3

[X] You like to eat.
[ ] Your favorite color is pink.
[X] You are very intelligent, or so you've been told.
[X] You are smarter than a dog.
[X] You are not a picky eater.
[ ] You have sensitive skin.
[ ] You like mud baths/facials.
[X] You like to be pampered.
[ ] You depend on others a lot.
[X] You aren't the most active person.
[X] You love chocolate.
[X] You're easily angered.
Total= 8

[ ] You are tall.
[X] You eat a lot.
[X] You have a great memory.
[ ] Your favorite color is silver.
[ ] You wear glasses/contacts.
[X] You like to travel.
[X] You love to swim.
[ ] People don't bully you.
[ ] You carry something special with you everywhere you go.
[ ] You are a vegetarian.
[X] You would rather avoid a fight.
[ ] You have big ears.
Total= 5

[X] You like to make jokes.
[ ] You would like to become a comedian some day.
[X] You have pranked someone before.
[ ] You have a lot of friends.
[ ] Your favorite color is orange.
[X] You believe in true love.
[X] You love someone/have a crush on someone.
[ ] People say you're sexy.
[X] You don't want to die or live life alone.
[X] You would like to have children someday/You have children.
[X] You like to help your friends and family.
Total = 7

I got wolf ;)
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