Just so you know...

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Just so you know...

On my last blog when I said 99% of pop sucks, I meant american pop. Admit it, this mainstream pop sucks really bad... XD

I wasn't going to post another blog on here, but I like the MCRmy too much lol.

I'm hoping that this album isn't a complete bust. There's no doubt in my mind that some of the songs will still be great. But the music video to Nanana was pretty bad...and the only hope for me is you is a pretty bad song... (the beginning is at least) So I'm going to listen to the album beforehand before deciding to buy it. And if I don't like it, no biggy. I won't hate them, it's just that the sound for this album is not my style. And I shall patiently await new songs. And if this somehow is their final album, I will respect that because they have made great music in the past and they would have every right to retire and go on with their lives. (MCR BABIES! <3) They are busy guys :)