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The new video was awful. I thought it would be more of a piece of art than that. But instead it looked like a bunch of crap just thrown together. Nothing went with each other, and I couldn't keep up with the story at all because it all happened at random times.

And then there's the new single, which has those shitty pop sounds in the beginning and Gerard's beautiful voice is messed up...

One question, what the fuck happened to "we miss being a rock band." because this sure as hell isn't ROCK. It's pop, and 99% of the time pop is crap, the only time it's good is when it's in Japan...my chem doesn't make it any better.

I waited 2 years since the concert I went to, after my chem announced they would go on break, 4 years since the last CD was released. And I'm just really heartbroken that this is what I have been waiting for. I know they change their sound every album, but pop? Happy pop songs? Really?!

I got used to the Nanana song, still hate the nanana part. But after the only hope for me is you and the video to Nanana...I decided I am not going to pre-order the expensive pack and I may not even buy the CD. I will listen to the rest of it on myspace or something when it is released. Because I really don't think I am going to like the rest of it....

I shall eagerly await when they release Rock songs, which will hopefully be on their next album...The only way I would ever give up on these guys is if they did a song with Lady Gaga. That would be awful. *shivers* (and how unfortunate that a bunch of people on this site are gagface fans)

I'm still a fan of My Chem, I just don't like how this album is going... don't worry about commenting, I probably won't be back on here until some better music is released ^.^ *goes back to obsessing over their old stuff*