Wishing for La La Land Chapter 15!

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Wishing for La La Land Chapter 15!

Mikey came bursting into his room, after running all the way to his house. He flopped onto his bed, and rest for a minute, panting. Then he pulled out a large, flat book from under his bed.
He flipped to the first page. There was a woman with long blond hair, a dark red dress, and peeking out from her red lips, two sharp white fangs. There were other pictures on that page, including pictures of bodies from newspaper articles saying that a serial killer was out killing people with “barbecue forks”.
The next few pages were notes on each pictures. After that, were pictures of a boy with claws instead of hands. He had grown hair faster then anyone had seen, His ears even had hair growing out of them, and his nose was a weird palish black. Everyone thought he was just a very sick kid who needed treatment. The doctors had said it was not contagious, so Mikey went to visit him. He stayed till it was dark...and the boy turned into a wolf. Mikey remembered it all. He had taken pictures and written down the whole story.
Finally, he had the stories of his stays here in Roswell. His pictures that he found in old news papers, of the crash, of the “sightings”.
All he knew is that he was right. He started writing down everything. About every part Lana and Asriel had said. If something happened to him...well, at least his discoveries would become famous.

Maddie paced back and forth as she tried to figure out what she should do. Lana was sipping coffee and talking to John. Asriel was sitting with Ray, and watching Maddie.
“So...why can't I tell him?” Maddie finally asked.
“What?” Asriel said.
“Frank! Why can't I tell him?” Maddie asked.
Lana walked in, her fingers white from gripping the cup so hard. “Oh? Did Frank get shot, also?” She asked Maddie. Maddie shook her head, her face growing pale.
“N...No.” She said. Her voice was shaky.
“Did he develop some kind of cancer that will make him die soon?” Lana asked. Maddie started shaking, holding back tears.
“No!” She cried.
“Then why would we tell him?” Lana asked. She had dropped her cup, and was holding her hands at her sides, fists clenched. Maddie finally burst into tears.
“Because I love him, Lana! Can't you see that?” She yelled, before falling to her knees. Asriel ran to her side, rubbing her shoulder, her hands glowing green, trying to heal Maddie.
“I never thought it would be you, Lana.” Asriel spat at her. Lana staggered back. What had she done? She ran into her room, and locked the door, then turned to door-knob into a melted lump, so no one could get in. She sat on her bed and cried. What was happening to her?

The Sheriff saw his son walk into the house, rubbing his face, trying to clear some of the confusion before facing his father.
“Hey son, how'd your date go?” the Sheriff said.
“It was okay, dad. I think I have a headache, though. I'm going to bed.” John answered. He started walking toward the door.
“Was Lana that tricky, son?” the Sheriff smirked.
“No..No! Dad, no. It's just the music was too loud.” John said. The Sheriff laughed and called after him.
“No powers, then, John?”
John looked down at his stomach, and saw the fading remains of the glowing hand-print on his stomach.
“No, dad. Nothing. I don't think I was right after all.” John called back, before shutting his door.

Asriel closed the door after Ray had left, looking back at Maddie.
“I think Lana is right.” Asriel said, finally. Maddie looked up at her, confused.
“What?” She asked, incredulous.
“The less people who know, the better. This isn't like Scooby-Doo, Maddie. We can't have a 'Mystery Gang'”. She said
Maddie shook her head. “I thought you would understand, Asriel. You love Ray, don't you? What about Frank? Don't you understand the connection I feel with Frank, don't you?” Maddie asked. Asriel sighed.
“I do. I feel the same way with Ray, Maddie. But Lana....I'm worried about her.” Asriel said.
“Of course. She's your sister.” Maddie said.
“No, not just that. Remember, we can feel what each other is feeling? Well, Lana doesn't have that connection with John. Honestly, I thought she was going to end up with Mikey. I just worry about her...you know...and everything.” Asriel said. Maddie nodded.
“We should go talk to her.” She answered.
“I don't know if she'll let us in.” Asriel said, looking down the hall.
“It's your apartment, too, isn't it?” Maddie asked, pulling on Asriel's hand as they walked over to Lana's door.
Maddie knocked on the door. “Lana? Lana, we need to talk.” She said. There was no answer. She waved her hand over the doorknob and walked in, Asriel following. They both gasped.
“She's....gone....” Asriel said, looking at the empty room.