Secrets of Life, Part 20! (Wow, it ends on a totally even number this time! Yahoo!)

(Blue Collar Doom's POV)
I had my sister back. I had my cousin back. I thought I had needed nothing else. Was there room for love? What about the risk? I waited, worriedly, as Dr. D. came out. Poison rocked back and forth on his heels. This is exactly why I stayed away from humans in the first place. If they started caring for you, then you put them in danger. How could I do that to poor Kobra?
“He's going to be fine. I think that if you want to, you can try and wake him up, but I think he'll do it on his own, after he's gotten enough sleep.” Dr. D. smiled. The tension in the room eased. “Now, I'm going to bed, and I suggest you all do the same.” Dr. D. said, walking out. Poison looked over at me, smiling softly.
“You want to go see him?” He asked me. My eyes widened. He was so forgiving. I looked over at my sister, who was talking happily with Jet. I looked over at Radio, who was holding Arianna in his arms, as she slept. He smiled at me, and nodded. I looked over to where Ghoul was supposed to be, but he was gone. I flinched at that fact, before nodding at Poison. He smiled, knowingly, and let me in. The room was not very dark. Kobra was lying on a gurney, fast asleep like a baby. I smiled at his peacefulness. Then I looked down at his stomach. There were bandages on it. I flinched as I remembered what happened.
“Blue! You're okay!” Kobra had run to me, with open arms.
“Wait, who's he?” John had yelled at me. Kobra grabbed one of my rings out of his pocket. The one my mother had given me, long ago. He quietly slipped it onto my finger, and smiled.
“WHAT?!?!” John had screamed. Then the moment seemed to stop. He leaned in, and we kissed. Then, I felt him fall. I smelled the smoke, then dust. I looked up to see Ghoul over a pile of dust where there used to be John. He had a stake in his hand. And Kobra had a laser shot in the stomach.
I shook my head, and looked down at Kobra now. Would he remember any of it? I couldn't tell if I wanted him to or not. I sat at his side, and sighed. What was I supposed to do? I really just wanted to watch him sleep. I sat there, and thought. Then, I saw him move and mumble. It was unintelligible at first. Then, he mumbled again.
“Blue” he mumbled. It felt like my heart melted. He said my name! A flutter of butterflies came into my stomach, and I anxiously awaited him to do anything, say anything. Oh, if he only knew how he made me feel.
He tossed one way, and then turned, facing me. His eyes slowly opened, and his mouth spread into a grin.
“Is this heaven, or hell?” He asked. For the first time, in a long time, I was shocked into silence.
Then, I breathed a quick, “What?”
“Well, if it was heaven, then it means that we're here together, forever. If it's hell, then it means that the devil is mocking me for lo.....” the he paused. “Oh....this is reality.” he said. He blushed deeply.
“You lo....?” I half asked, inching closer to him. He looked down, quiet. Curse his sexy awkwardness.
“I was going to say that the devil was mocking me” He finally said, and looked up into my eyes. I felt the silent tears fall from my face. I was so worried. I really was, and not just for his health. For his emotions. He looked at me, concerned. “You're crying....that's not a good sign.” He said, quietly.
I shook my head, wiping at the tears that were ending. “No! No! I'm just so....happy.” I said. The word was so new on my lips.
“I'm glad that was it.” He said, awkwardly. I laughed again, and he leaned toward me. Our lips touched, yet again, and I knew everything was right in this world....until...
“WHAT?!?!?!” Poison's voice rang out.
Kobra and I pulled away, quickly.
“Poison! I'm okay!” He said, with worried happiness. I looked down, and then back up, blushing.
“But....I.....You.....You said she was only a friend!!!!” Poison yelled.
“At the moment that I told you she was!” Kobra said, a little hurt.
“Poison, it's my fault.” I said, quickly. He shook his head.
“It's both of your faults. I can't believe you two! Behind my back!?!? I thought I was your best friend!” He said, to Kobra. His tone had turned to shock, to mocking. Kobra and I laughed.
“So, you're okay with it, bro?” Kobra asked.
“YEAH! As long as you tell me, duh!” Poison said. We all laughed.
“GET SOME!” Radio called, making me and Kobra blush deeper.
“Hey, hey, hey.” Jet warned. I could hear Fresh fall into uncontrolled giggling.
“What's going on?” Arianna said, as Kobra and I walked back out, holding hands.
“Kobra and Blue, sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.” Radio sang.
“Not funny, guys!” I whined. That sent Ray into the same state as Fresh, and Fresh's state worse.
“What's so funny?” Ghoul said, walking in.
“Kobra's with Blue? Is it, like, a relationship, or something?” Arianna asked.
“Or something.” Poison said, laughing. Arianna pouted, which made everyone laugh.
“Again, GET SOME!” Radio yelled. I groaned.
“You're impossible.” I said.
“Quiet. You're my pet duck.” Radio said.
“Quack.” I answered. I laughed.
“Are we all celebrating the end of the vampire project in BLI?” Angel asked, walking in and taking Poison's hand.
“It's over? Officially?” Arianna asked.
“Yep. I deleted all the information files, and burned all the papers.” Angel grinned.
“You're awesome.” Poison said, kissing Angel.
“Does that mean that we can stop running?” Ghoul asked.
“PSH! NO!” Kobra yelled. We all laughed. Angel handed out some Power Pup cans and spoons.
“Here's to fighting BLI to the end.” Angel said.
“Cheers!” Everyone chorused. We all ate, and Fresh and Jet kissed, and everything seemed to reach a reasonable end for the vampire era. After we were done eating, Kobra walked outside with me.
“Something's bothering me.” Kobra said.
“What's that?” I asked.
“You're going to stay the way you are forever, right?” He asked.
“Unless I get killed.” I said. Kobra shuddered at that.
“Anway....I'm still going to get old. Blue....can I be a vampire, too?” He asked me. I flinched. I didn't even think about that. We never made more vampires, since we never wanted anyone to have the same fate. I thought about it. BLI was following stereotypes, right? So...if I bit him....
“It's a big decision, Kobra. Living forever is long. Trust me. What about your brother, Ghoul, Jet?” I asked.
“I want to be with you, forever.” He said, resolved.
“Are you sure?” I asked. He nodded. I leaned in close to him.
“Ask to stop anytime, if you change you mind.” I said, turning my head to bite his neck. He didn't even stiffen. I was going slow, giving him a chance to change his mind. I kissed him softly on the neck, then, I raised my mouth to bite.
“One last chance.” I said, almost pleadingly. I didn't want him to rush into this.
“I've thought about it, already, Blue. Please?” He asked me. I nodded, and bit him.

(The END!)

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