Look Alive Sunshine! Part 18! Wow, maybe I should leave it here and write the next part as a sequal....

Tee hee! I hope you guys like! Tell me if you think I should cut it off somewhere and make the next parts a sequel to make it fair. It's such a loooong fanfic......

I didn't want to risk them thinking Trinity told me to and get her in trouble. Finally the door opened and both Trinity and Poison came in.
“Okay, crash-queen, what will it be, killjoy or no?” Poison stared at me.
“Uhhh, what?”
“Do you want to be a killjoy or not?”
I looked at Trinity, who looked so hopeful. What would they do if I didn't accept? I don't think they would drop me back off at the city, and I didn't want to go back anyway. What would it be like to do what she did? I saw Trinity give me a pleading look. “Yes, I will become one.”
“Okay, we'll test you tomorrow. We've got time.”
Trinity looked shocked at Poison, “You gave me a couple days before I did, and he gets only a night?”
“He can handle it.” Poison walked out of the room, calling back, “You tell him, he faces the punishment.”
Trinity shuddered. She looked at me and tried to smile. “It's really not that bad. It's scary at first, but if you just keep believing in yourself, you should be okay.”
I wanted to ask her what she meant, but I remembered Poison calling out for her not to tell. If that was the cost of staying with my love, then I would do it any day. She looked at me again, with some excitement in her eyes.
“Can I show you something?”
I smiled at her, “Sure! But, before that, can I get into some good clothes?”
She laughed, “Of course.”
After being properly dressed in some blue jeans and gray shirt and orange coat. (colors were mandatory) We went outside. There was the trans-am, gleaming in the sunlight, and some old bikes over by a shed. Trinity hopped on a bike and patted the seat behind her. I hopped on. We drove through the desert for a while, and I marveled at how beautiful the desert could actually get. As I was riding, I realized my coat was leather. I loved leather as a kid. I wore it all the time. Then it was banned a few years into the making of the city. That was a sad day. The sun was almost setting, giving the desert a fiery look. I almost wanted to call teasingly to Trin...I mean Fatal about if we were there yet, but I help myself back. I didn't want to know. I wanted to hold onto her forever. Then we suddenly stopped. There was nothing around, but far away, there was an old lean-to kind of shack. I wondered why we didn't drive up to it. Fatal got off, and my I say, she looked so amazing on a bike, and touched my arm.
“Stay here, okay?”
I nodded, willing to do anything she pleased.
She walked over to the lean-to, got in, then I heard a screeching of tires. Out of the lean-to came a brilliant sight. A black Volkswagen Beetle came almost spinning around the desert. It had a purple paint job, which I assumed was Fatal's work. There was only one spot in the back where a tan color showed. It must have been the part she wasn't finished with yet. She drove up to me, passenger seat to my side. I was bent over cracking up. This was just the kind of thing Fatal would do. She grinned widely at me through the window.
“Hop in and help me finish it!”
I jumped in and we drove over to the lean-to. Inside were cans and bottles of paint. There were a couple of fans and a weird kind of gadget hanging on the wall, about eye level. Trinity and I got out, and got to work. We worked for a few hours, getting on the black, drying it off, and then putting on purple designs. It was so fun, and we teased and bantered the way we used to. As we sat down, watching the finish dry, I looked at Fatal. She seemed so alive, so sweet. She looked at me, the bright sparkle of jest gleaming in her eyes. I leaned in, and so did she, and we kissed. It was like fireworks bursting out of the cold, dark desert. I put my hand in her hair and drew her closer. She braided her fingers in my hair. We pulled each other closer, and closer, and closer...............and then a high pitched, fingernails-on-chalkboard noise came on the little gadget. Fatal pulled away, cringing. I held my ears and yelled, “What is that?”
“The transmitter!” she yelled back.
“Make it stop!”
“On it!” She turned the dial back and forth until a picture of Poison appeared. He looked very mad. He glared at us.
“Where are you, Fatal?”
“Um, in the lookout at Zone 4.”
“Well, you need to come back, so we can start our watch, and get some sleep. Today has been long.” I knew he saw me behind Fatal, but luckily he didn't see the car.
“Okay, Poison, no worries.” She turned the dial again and the screen went blank. She turned around and smiled, but she was blushing deep red.
“Should we drive in the Death Beetle to show it off to the others? We could bring the bike in the trunk.”
“I think we should ride out tomorrow after you become an official killjoy and show what a hard worker you are!” She tousled my hair, and stepped closer to me. We kissed again, our hands intertwined in each other's hair once again. My head felt like melting with the happiness. Finally we had to pull away to drive home. I rode in the back, holding Fatal's waist the whole time. There was nothing I wouldn't do for her.
When we got back to the station that was apparently the headquarters, Fatal held my hand, and excitedly showed me everywhere. Then she showed me my room. It wasn't much, and there was dust all over the floor. But I knew if I was good, then I could get a goodnight kiss, so I stayed quiet. When it was time for lights out, I realized how troublesome sleeping next to Fun Ghoul's room would be. He started out with just making bumping and crashing noises like he was jumping on everything, then I heard a collapse and I thought he was asleep. He was, and he snored, loud. I tossed and turned, and somehow tuned out the noise, but my dreams were full of worry for the next morning.
When I got up, there was Fun Ghoul right on top of me. He was grinning. “Look Alive, Sunshine!” he yelled. He made a puzzled expression, then said, looking me over, “You don't look like sunshine, though. You look like a worn out Ken doll.”
I tried to sit up, and Fun Ghoul backed up. “Thanks.” I grunted.
“No prob.” He smiled, “Ten minutes, lazy, we still have zone running after you.”
“Don't worry, there's not much to get ready about.” I got up, washed my face, combed my hair to the best of my abilities, and then walked out. They were all eating. What looked like a kind of dog food\tofu. I crinckeld my nose. Fatal had been experimenting again. Well, I wasn't hungry anyway.