I felt like re-blogging this....

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I felt like re-blogging this....

Just cause i love these guys so much and I'd like to hear what you think.
Did you really think id let you kill this chorus... again.

O ya kno. just a list of people i think are totally adorable!! here we go!:

1. Spencer Smith of Panic at the Disco. i dunno why. i just find him irresistably bitchy, sexy, and beautiful. (yes, i did just call him beautiful) 1st picture.
2. Frank Iero of-- well you know.
3. Paul Digiovanni of Boys Like Girls second picture
4. Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy
5. Gee and Mikey- both too cute to separate
6. Martin Johnson of Boys Like Girls
7. David Derosier of Simple Plan
8. Patrick Stump- Fall Out Boy
9. Ray freakin' Toro. Nuff said
10. Jon Walker of Panic at the Disco ANNND The Young Veins. third picture

there a million others but im too lazy..

Yours in Eternity,

P.S: in future blog you will learn i am hoplessly obsessed with Spencer James Smith. Why you ask?
Bitchface (as pictured above)
And thats all you need to know about SPENCER JAMES MUTHAFUCKIN SMITH