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lostn'foundagain's picture
on October 2, 2014 - 12:31pm

hmmm, it seems my last update didn't post... oh well, it wasn't that important.... none of these are really, lol. So Aaron cheated on me with Val, again... That's what was in my last update. But whatever, I'm tired of letting shit get to me... :/ so today, I'm gonna be HAPPY :) ^w^ idc what the hell Val says to me. So Today, I was happy, and I still am! ^w^ so yay!!! haha, I also got coffee this morning, and i told one of my teachers off. She threatened to never let me ride the damn bus again if i didnt get rid of the coffee, and i told her, i dont care, I'm not dumping out the coffee i wasted money on! Ohhohoho, that really pissed her off, but she has no place to kick me off the bus because of it XD so ha, and if she does, I'll just get a ride from a friend or some shit lol XD X3 So I hope you all are doing Okay.
<3 love ya'll <3